EntertainmentChiquis Rivera does deep squats and boasts on Instagram of her now...

    Chiquis Rivera does deep squats and boasts on Instagram of her now fitness life

    Without fear of anything, Chiquis Rivera always share something intense exercise routines what he does daily Many of them functional and high impact. They literally put one with their tongue out from afar. After the last video posted on Instagram, it can only be concluded that the Queen Bee is now a fitness expert.

    Gone are those great attributes, very flattered by the way, of Jenny Rivera’s daughter. Now rain or shine or shine Chiquis Rivera goes to the gym every day and does not stop sharing her intense routines. Some with weights and others with a lot of muscular activity as could be seen in their most recent story of instagram.

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    Next to his trainer, named Kesha. Same as also that it is seen that she does not take off neither in the sun nor in the shade, Chiquis did some deep squats like a fitness expert or At least someone who trains daily, as is the case of the Queen bee.

    It was fair with the director and photographer emilio sanchez when we start to see chiquis Not only sweating it out in the gym. We also saw her in a number of sporting activities that involve a lot of exercise and endurance.

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    First riding a bicycle with the lover and later in activities such as hiking and walks. Besides, the lifestyle of the regional mexican singer of today is much healthier. The interpreter of “El Honor” and “Entre Besos y Copas” shares from time to time on her Twitter account instagram the recipes she cooks at home and also the supplements that help her burn fat and fight anxiety.

    Definitely, This new Chiquis Rivera has many with their jaws on the ground And if not, let the cover of his new song speak “Because I am Queen Bee” where you saw a patterned bodysuit. Simply spectacular!

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