EntertainmentChiquibaby reveals that she was about to travel to Paris when she...

    Chiquibaby reveals that she was about to travel to Paris when she was offered to work on ‘¡Sitense Quien Pueda!’

    Stephanie Himonidis, the new presenter of ‘Sit Whoever Can!’, has stayed away from television with a stable project since her departure from ‘Today’ in November 2022, so once this opportunity presented itself, she did not hesitate in taking it, as revealed in an interview for Mezcal Entertainment.

    “Work calls and the truth is scarce right now, friend, so I was going on vacation and I got this opportunity to be part of ‘¡Sitense quien pueda!’ Well, I said yes, so now I have to be in charge of Capri Blue and work full time on television and radio; the surprises that life gives you!”and revealed that she had already prepared a trip to Paris with her husband.

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    “I didn’t think the opportunity would be so fast. There aren’t many shows, things aren’t that easy, so it was a great opportunity that was given to me. Julian Gil went to do a project, a dream that he had been waiting for a long time, so it was the perfect moment for me to be part of this team”Chiquibaby pointed out.

    This talk was held during the presentation of Doctor Campos’s book ‘Naturally Beautiful, Grandmother’s Secret Remedies’, where the host also told that she has a bad habit related to skin care, because she likes to tan with natural light .

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    “I have a very big defect. That defect is that I love to tan with natural light and with not so natural light, I love to tan. I think it is my sexiest state, but sometimes it is very bad for the skin, so little by little I have learned to take care of myself a little more”he confessed.

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