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    Chiky Bombom is honest about the mistreatment she experienced at the hands of her stepmother

    With the integrity that characterizes her, the television presenter known as Chiky Bombom she opened her heart and spoke like never before about the mistreatment she experienced as a stepmother’s prey. What did he say about it? Here we tell you.

    The Dominican decided to share her testimony during the most recent broadcast of the program ‘Hoy Dia’ in a section entitled “Ente Nosotras”. Because the theme of last Monday involved the characteristics of a good stepmother, the famous opened up about the bad experience she had.

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    I feel very close to this issue because I lived for many years with a stepmother who mistreated me a lot.“said Chiki Bombom before the morning cameras.

    According to the also influencer, the mistreatment he suffered ranged from verbal to emotional: “My stepmother was at odds with my mom and she wanted to pay it off with me. She called me a beast, she must be seeing this, she mistreated me and treated me super badly and still as an adult, I don’t understand why you did it, because I didn’t do anything to you, why? “Questioned the young woman.

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    In this regard, the invited specialist Jennifer Flores indicated that one of the main mistakes that stepmothers or stepfathers make is to channel their problems with the children of their partners.

    “It does not have to become a fight between the children and the couple, between the parents and the ex, it does not have to be a torment (…) There are also stepchildren who, poisoned by their mother, think of waging a war between this new couple to tire them, to separate them, “he concluded in the segment.

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