EntertainmentChabelo slapped Cantinflas while filming a movie and almost ruined his career

    Chabelo slapped Cantinflas while filming a movie and almost ruined his career

    One of the most significant anecdotes of Xavier Lopez, Chabelo, in more than 60 years of career, he starred with Mario Moreno, Cantinflas, during the filming of “El Extra” and the presenter was about to cut his career short forever.

    The recently deceased actor made his film debut in 1958 in the film “Viaje a la Luna”, from then on he participated in various films, but in 1962 he got the opportunity to work with the comedian in one of the most iconic films in cinema. Mexican.

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    The controversial scene where the incident took place was when Rogaciano (Mario Moreno) defends two children from Chabelo, who threatened them for destroying his bicycle.

    Immediately afterwards, Cantinflas opened the door of the house to receive Chabelo, whom he slapped telling him not to cry, but the unimaginable thing was that “The friend of all children” hit him back on the cheek.

    Chabelo confessed at the time that the controversial slapping scene had been entirely improvised and although the production applauded it, they also scolded him and it could have cost him his career..

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    “I want to confess that everything that happened in that movie, none of it was on paper, I improvised all of it,” said the actor.

    Xavier Lopez added that when they finished recording that day, Miguel M. Delgado He approached him to tell him: “The scene is very good. I’m just going to ask you not to touch Mario”. However, Cantinflas replied: “No, no, no! Let him touch me”, defending the presenter.

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    Source: La Opinion

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