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    Cazzu competes with her boyfriend, Christian Nodal, and now she sings Regional Mexicano. That’s how it sounds! | VIDEO

    Now if cazzu He surprised us with his most recent publication on his Instagram account, because he decided to compete with his boyfriend, Christian Nodalby launching a new song, but with a totally different sound: Regional Mexicano.

    The Argentine trapper decided to try a new genre, and for that reason she let her creativity run free with this genre that is dominated by Nodal, and he dared to completely leave his comfort zone with the aim of delving into new genres.

    This was demonstrated by Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, Cazzu’s full name, who brought the world of social media to a standstill after releasing the deluxe version of her latest studio album titled “Nena trapa”a format in which he makes one of his already well-known songs and included in this first self-titled album with a very Mexican sound.

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    Through her Instagram account, the famous revealed through a video where she wore her iconic outfit in total white and a monochrome weapon of the same tone, that his fans could listen to the mythical songs of “Nena trap” but with notable variations that will undoubtedly make a change worth listening toSuch is the case of his new song “Piensame” in a mariachi version.

    The famous one who has openly declared herself a fan of Avril Lavigne, known as the princess of skate punk. And for this reason now it caused furor and surprise in more than one of his fans due to this test in the Mexican regional.

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    Despite the fact that Cazzu has a close loving and creative relationship with her partner Christian Nodal, the truth is that her fans never imagined that the Argentine trapper could sing in regional genres, However, now this is a reality with her new release “Nena Trampa Deluxe”, now available on all digital platforms..

    The 29-year-old artist already causes a sensation with the songs that are part of this new album, it is “Peliculeo” in a remix version, “BRINCA” in collaboration with the artist Miko, the song “Glock” where she collaborates with Joaqui, the song and “Los hombres no lloran” in an orchestral version, adapted compositions that are truly a surprise for fans of the talented South American trapper.

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