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    Catherine Siachoque: This is how radiant the actress looked at the beginning of her career

    With 28 years of experience, the actress Catherine Siachoque remains current among the public thanks to her talent and charms that have accompanied her since the beginning of her career. Here we share a journey through the life of the famous, as well as the changes that she has experienced over time.

    Maria Alexandra Catherine Siachoque Gaete was born in Bogota, Colombia on January 21, 1972 and from an early age recognized her passion for the arts. This led her to start her career as a professional dancer in Classical Ballet, an area that in turn would transport her to musical theater.

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    “La cage de las locas” and “Peter Pan” are some of the titles of the staging that Sichoque led during his first years of career.

    However, it would not be until 1995 when the famous debuted in the soap opera “Sobrevivir” giving life to the character ‘Perla’. This would be the beginning of a fruitful career on the small screen with participation in stories such as “Without breasts there is no paradise”, “Las Juanas”, “La sombra del arcoiris”, “So close and so far” and “Queen of hearts”. .

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    As a result of her work, Catherine Siachoque has also had the opportunity to win dozens of awards, such as ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Telenovela or Series’ and ‘Best Antagonistic Actress in a Telenovela’ at the famous ‘TvyNovelas’ Awards.

    As of today, Siachoque has 22 projects under his sleeve and the public is already wondering what his next move will be, especially if it will be for television, cinema or if he will join a project on digital platforms.

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