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    Carmen Villalobos breaks the silence about her weight gain and makes a powerful reflection

    After a well-deserved vacation in the company of her partner, Frederik Oldenburg, the actress Carmen Villalobos she is ready to return to the routine of her busy life; This includes the intense routine of exercise and good nutrition that he enjoys following.

    From her official Instagram account, the antagonist of the melodrama “Cafe con aroma de mujer” opened up about the journey she has embarked on again to resume a healthy life.

    And it is that in a forceful message, Carmen Villalobos made it more than clear that her return to the gym is aimed at her health, so she will not be pressured by the pounds she gained during this vacation period.

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    The most difficult thing is to resume exercising, I haven’t trained for a long time, eating delicious, gaining those extra pounds, what happiness. You know how hard it is for me to gain weight. I love seeing myself plump, it fascinates me“Said the Colombian.

    In fact, the host of Top Chef VIP took the opportunity to share a reflection with her fans: “You have to be happy my beautiful people, not perfect. Always remember that,” she added.

    Proof of his commitment to staying emotionally and physically healthy was the video that Villalobos shared on his Instagram stories from the gym, recounting his experience: “The time has come to get wise again, resume, even in August. So today we start to exercise again, with all the laziness in the world and with all the motivation. To give it with all”.

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    Unfortunately, his return brought with it dizziness, vomiting and exhaustion, but also a sense of pride in achieving his fitness day goals.

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    Source: La Opinion

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