EntertainmentCarmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg show off their romantic stay in Switzerland

    Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg show off their romantic stay in Switzerland

    the love affair of Carmen Villalobos and Frederik Oldenburg is increasingly solid, and they have made it clear on their social networks where During the last days they have boasted romantic moments of the holidays they are enjoying in Europe.

    On this occasion, the actress from ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’ and the host of Telemundo’s morning show, ‘Hoy Dia’, They shared a series of videos and photographs, revealing their visit to iconic places in the city of Basel, Switzerland.

    In their ‘stories’ on Instagram they shared part of the moments they were living while taking a walk through the streets on the trip that began as a surprise from her boyfriend for Carmen.

    Also on their profiles on the camera’s social network shared a carousel of photos Villalobos uploaded in a post shared with Oldenburg showing how his time in Basel is going.

    “A little deli walk through Basel ❤️ Definitely every place we discover makes us fall more in love 😻
    I love you my love, what a beautiful trip ✨🇨🇭🤩 @fredefutbol 💋”,
    was the text that Carmen used to accompany the spectacular photos.

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    “I love they are beautiful”; “And I did not find you when you published the Zurich thing I was there too! Enjoy it is a wonderful country full of beautiful landscapes!”; “We all love to see you happy!”; “Pretty God bless you always”; “Come to gin Carmen”; “I love Basel, it’s my favorite city, if you have time go to a chocolate shop and the paper museum”; “I want a photooooo!!! I am in Basel too”; “He looks a lot like the ex”; “Come on mommy, our birthday is coming…”; I want to be like you an actressthat is my dream, but I will never achieve it”; “The trip looks simple, I thought it was more romantic”; “I find it terrible that people make such derogatory ‘horrible comments’. Today, everyone is protected by freedom of expression, to offend, judge, say what you would like the other to do or say. Chevere for them, being able to be and travel anywhere!” and “Bella, Carmen, one question, why do you laugh sticking out your tongue haha ​​I’m curious?”, reads among the almost a thousand comments that have been left in the publication.

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    After spending a few spectacular days in London, England, the actress made a publication to announce that it was time to say goodbye and welcome Zurich, Switzerland.

    “Bye, bye, London 👋 Hello Zurich 🩵 How beautiful you are 😍😍😍! Hours here and already in love with this beautiful country”, wrote the presenter of ‘Top Chef VIP 2’.

    The artists’ vacations began in London, a very special surprise from the Venezuelan for the Colombian, who upon arrival did not hesitate to say that it was her first time in that city.

    “HELLO LONDON 😻! You don’t know what this man planned this trip… he kept it a secret for months and I confess something to you? It was worth it ! It’s my first time here and this is the first stop on this surprise trip 😻! I love you my loverrrrrrrrrr @fredefutbol ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻”, He wrote in the video that he uploaded to share that they were already traveling very close together.

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    Since they began their relationship, Frederik Oldenburg and Carmen Villalobos have lived in different countries due to work commitments.m; he in the United States and she in Colombia. However, they constantly travel to meet in one of the two countries and share time, even if it is very little, but with quality to build their courtship.

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