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    Carlos Said, actor of ‘If they leave us’, threatens the police with putting him out of work for arresting him

    The December holidays and the famous Guadalupe-Reyes marathon that takes place in Mexico is the perfect time to have fun, but also to take precautions, since excessive alcohol can cause accidents as well as arrests.

    That is why the authorities carry out operations, but this young Televisa actor threatened some policemen.

    This is Carlos Said, a young man from CDMX who always dreamed of being an actor, a project he was able to carry out until he reached the age of majority, he is currently 24 years old. Graduated from the CEA of Televisa, the young man managed to debut with “Me declaro culpable”, followed by “Like, the legend”.

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    Carlos Said also ventured into music in 2019 with the single “Si tu te vas”, his last and most recent appearance was in 2021 with “Si nos dejan”. The young actor went viral on social networks after his arrest and the threat he launched to the staff was made known.

    According to the reporter Carlos Jimenez, Carlos Said was arrested in a breathalyzer operation, the young man who is also an influencer, was accompanied by other friends.

    Apparently, he wanted to make use of his fame and threatened the local police officers, as he claimed that he knows people from the Citizen Security Secretariat.

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    Carlos Said also threatened the agents and assured that they would lose their jobs if they were arrested and demanded their release, since they had contacts with some of the institution’s commanders. However, The journalist shared a photo at the time of his arrest, without it being known at the moment if he paid a fine and if he was released.

    On social networks, some users pointed out that they did not even know him to boast of a certain influence, others pointed out that he acts the same as in his soap operas.

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