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    Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez: What is the meaning of your son’s name ‘Leon’?

    On the morning of March 28, the singer Carlos Rivera and his wife Cynthia Rodriguez They revealed that their dream of becoming parents is getting closer, as the driver is pregnant with her first child, whose name has already been shared through Instagram.

    “The Light of God has touched our life and on the way it sends us the greatest blessing from heaven.
    Full of illusion and joy, we are waiting for our beloved Leon”, reads the publication of the famous.

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    As expected, his announcement did not go unnoticed by the community on social networks that has followed them since the beginning of their relationship, so the comments section was filled with congratulations and the occasional question about the meaning of the little member’s name. of the Rivera family.

    And it is that some users assure that the decision of this name is related to the project that gave Carlos Rivera international fame: the play ‘El Rey Leon’. However, so far the happy couple have decided to stay out of the speculation and wait to reveal the meaning for themselves.

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    The reality is that in addition to the sentimental value that this represents for Rivera and Rodriguez, the name ‘Leon’ alludes to the fierceness and feline side of people; defined as someone strong, fierce and brave.

    In addition, it is said that a person who bears this name can be described as “brave, affectionate and protective thanks to the character they possess”, it is better not to get in their way or hurt their loved ones, because they will defend them fiercely.

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    Source: La Opinion

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