EntertainmentCarlos Espejel assures that Luis Miguel was rejected from a television program

    Carlos Espejel assures that Luis Miguel was rejected from a television program

    Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri returned to occupy the main spaces dedicated to entertainment after The actor Carlos Espejel Leguizamo announced that, during his childhood, the singer auditioned to be part of the cast of the television program Chiquilladas, but his limited acting talent prevented him from approving the casting.

    The actor, who between 1982 and 19987 was part of the main cast of the program, mentioned that on some occasion Luis Miguel showed up at one of the recording studios to perform a frame test and despite being recommended by Arturo Durazo Moreno, at that time head of the Federal District Police and Traffic Department, he failed to convince, so they just thanked him for participating.

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    “His godfather was Durazo and he was the one who somehow approached him so they could see him on the show. They saw him, but he just sang, he didn’t do imitations, he didn’t do that much, ”he said.

    Espejel even recalled in front of various media outlets that the Puerto Rican interpreter was not interested in dabbling in acting.

    “He didn’t like acting; he liked to sing, and what we had to do the most, because they were parodies, imitations ”, he indicated.

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    The curious thing about the case is that After being unable to join Chiquilladas, Luis Miguel focused more on his career as a singer and in 1984, this opened the doors of the cinema to record the films Ya nunca mas and Fiebre de amor.

    In this way, it was shown that the son of Luisito Rey was destined to be a music idol and that if he had tried harder to make comic parodies as the essence of Chiquilladas demanded, he would most likely have been typecast as happened to the majority. of the participants of the program that televisa had on the air for seven years.

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    To tell the truth, only the careers of Lucerito, Anahi, Aleks Syntek, Pierre Angelo and Carlos Espejel, were the only ones that later managed to stand out, since most of the 30 children who were part of the cast of Chiquilladas ended up being lost.

    Under this approach, There will always be a question about what the fate of the so-called “Sol de Mexico” would have been if it had joined the famous program in the 80s.

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