EntertainmentCarlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon made a drastic transformation to their house...

    Carlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon made a drastic transformation to their house after their media lawsuit

    The actress Vanessa Lyon made unexpected confessions about her relationship with Carlos Calderon and the changes she made to her Florida home after their reconciliation.

    The Venezuelan detailed, through her Instagram account, that she decided to transform her home because she wanted to start over after the scandalous separation of the former host of ‘Despierta America’, because she did not want anything, or anyone, to remind her of that dark chapter of her life. life.

    It was like that, and after fixing things in their relationship, that the little boy’s parents Lion they agreed, in November 2022, to make a drastic change to their home, which led their fans to believe that they had moved, but she has already cleared everything up.

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    “When Carlos asked me to return, one of the things that hit me hard was the memories that the house brought me back, so he said: ‘What do we do?’ I told him: ‘I don’t know,’ ”revealed Lyon, who then detailed some of the transformations they made to his home.

    “He completely painted her, completely changed the look, all chosen by me and the baby. The baby also chose colors for the walls. The previous pieces of furniture are all gone and I chose the new ones, so the house is completely different, even the doors have been changed. So that’s why it looks like another house because it was decorated from scratch”, explained the actress from ‘Juego de Mentiras’.
    To conclude with the topic, which was accompanied by various remodeling materials, Vanessa highlighted that after the changes, her home gave a new meaning to her life and her relationship.

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    “It was a way to reflect a new change and it was very special for the whole family and necessary,” he concluded.

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