EntertainmentBruce Willis's health worsens. The Hollywood actor was diagnosed with dementia

    Bruce Willis’s health worsens. The Hollywood actor was diagnosed with dementia

    Since his family announced that he Hollywood actor Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with Aphasia, They have not stopped sharing together. Now her daughter Rumer has given a health update of the protagonist of the saga “Hard to Kill”, in which he claims he was now diagnosed with a kind of dementia.

    Through a In a statement on Instagram, Bruce Willis’s family explained a little how the actor’s health has been deteriorating and what is the current situation: “We have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia (known as FTD). Unfortunately, the challenges with communication are just a symptom of the illness Bruce is facing. While this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis,” Rumer Willis clarified on her Instagram.

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    This means, heaphasia progressed and now has been added this new kind of dementia. However, in the midst of concern, the family of the actor from “Die Hard“She wanted to thank her for the love received.

    It is a disease that compromises the motor part of the body, specifically speech. Understanding and issuing words becomes almost an impossible task. In general, people who suffer from it have suffered some previous health complications such as: brain tumors and strokes.

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    Once diagnosed, Bruce Willis announced his retirement from the Hollywood spotlight. The ex of Demi Moore Since then, he has been receiving the love of his family, including his wife, daughters and even the protagonist of the film. “Striptease” and “Ghost”. The same with whom he has had an excellent friendship for many years.

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    We must remember that at present, science has said that there is no specific treatment for frontotemporal dementia although there are others that alleviate the condition.

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