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    Britney Spears believes that her father and her husband Sam Asghari were accomplices from legal guardianship

    Singer Britney Spears He has strong doubts that his father Jamie Spears and her husband Sam Asghari have been in contact from the beginning of the relationship and when she was still under legal guardianship. This is according to what Perez Hilton said on the blog about a source close to The Princess of Pop.

    sam asghari
    Coach Sam Asghari married Britney Spears in 2022. Getty Images.

    “Britney has reason to believe that Sam was secretly working with her father Jamie from the beginning of their relationship”says the informant. Let us remember that, as Perez Hilton explains, the singer was prohibited from dating anyone. Since she met her husband, Sam Asghari, her family accepted him.

    This would lead to asking: What did you like so much about him to allow him to date Britney Spears? In the best scenario, Sam Asghari could have shown the singer’s family and her father, Jamie Spears, his good intentions. However, for some reason Britney believes that he was passing information about her to her during her conservatorship.

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    It is also true that Sam Asghari, on several occasions, spoke badly of Britney’s father, so the singer must have compelling proof to believe that, between the man who is going to be her ex-husband and her father, there was complicity. The source also told PH that, if this suspicion is true, the Iranian actor and model of the interpreter of “Give Me More” could have had access to the singer’s money.

    It had been said that the singer He could have reconsidered getting closer to his father Jamie Spears. This, because her brother Bryan Spears, in theory, is the one who is living in her house, taking care of everything for her and supporting her now that she is going through a divorce.

    On the other hand, It was learned that Jaime Spears was in poor health and was going to undergo surgery for a severe infection in his knees. This is the result of a surgery that was performed in the past. Certainly, it is not known if this information that a source told TMZ would be real, but it counters that of Perez Hilton who says that Britney Spears suspected her father and Sam Asghari.

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    He is living in a luxury apartment in West Hollywood and reportedly has financial support from Britney Spears while the divorce is being negotiated.. Let’s remember that there is a prenuptial agreement. However, Page Six confirmed that he would be trying to seek a renegotiation because he spent many years “in charge” of the Princess of Pop.

    At this, yesSupposedly his lawyer had brought up that he knows many of Britney Spears’ secrets. On the other hand, it is known that he will no longer receive anything she wants to give him and the gifts he has received from her. Of course The pop star’s lawyer is doing everything to protect her client’s $60 million fortune and her reputation as well.

    Apparently, the “Give Me One More Time” singer is in very good spirits. They claim that Sam Asghari was not dedicating time to her, because she was having a lot of work and that made her very sad. Amen to the last fight I had. Same as confirmed by both sides, both Britney and Sam, where apparently, Violence was evident and she allegedly ended up with a broken head.

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    The truth is that both are already single people and from the approach of Britney Spears and Jamie Spears, we will have to see how true all this is and if, really, he was always in combination with the singer’s husband during all the time that he was with her

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    Source: La Opinion

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