EntertainmentBritney Spears and Sam Asghari have had problems with violence for months

    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have had problems with violence for months

    TMZ did investigative work in the form of a documentary about Britney Spears in which she talked about her relationship with sam asghari. There they revealed that they had “deep problems” in their marriage and that, although the actor and model always defends The Princess of Pop, the truth is that their fights had become explosive.

    Britney Spears and Sam Asghari. Photo: The Grosby Group.

    Today that TMZ confirms that Britney Spears and San Asghari are separating, these episodes of violence on her part come back to light. The source told the outlet that the singer’s husband had left their home in Hollywood. This after he confronted her about an alleged act of infidelity. It seems that youEverything ended in a real pitched battle, where even the couple’s bodyguards and security had to intervene.

    They also confirm that this would not be the first time it has happened. Although her husband always stands up for her and denies the press on several occasions, the source of the digital medium assures that, in the private environment, it is handled that Sam Asghari Gary is disappointed and frustrated by the constant erratic behavior of the interpreter of Baby One More Time And I’m Slave For U.

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    According to the TMZ documentary, in the investigations they were able to do of theFor Justin Timberlake’s ex, they discovered that the singer drinks a lot of energy drinks during the day. This includes caffeine, green tea, Guarana and more.

    When this information became known that went viral on social networks, Britney Spears herself came out to clarify the situation and said that she did what “seems to her and what makes her feel alive and energetic.” It was later revealed that her husband, Sam Asghari and her manager, They were going to agree on an intervention for her a few months ago. The press went ahead and the husband had to finish by saying that this was not the case.

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    Before the alleged intervention, Sam completely denied the speed and even described the way in which they have treated the singer’s behavior as disrespectful. Even so, after her she has been seen in other types of behavior that have caused her to end up in trouble again. Like the case of the NBA player and a discussion he had with someone who was recording him inside a restaurant.

    “I found it absolutely disgusting that the people who were in her life at that time, when she had no voice, They would go and tell their story as if it were their own. It was absolutely disgusting, how are you going to put it under a microscope and tell the story of it? No. That is also disgusting”, said Sam Asghari a few months ago.

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    Until the time of closing this note, no representative of the couple had issued any official statement about the separation of the artists.

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