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    Belinda ends up hurt after a fan jumped on stage and wouldn’t let go

    Belinda It has been in the news again on social networks, after several videos went viral and showed how a fan jumped over the security fencewhich separated the singer from 2 thousand people, at the Irapuato Strawberry Fair 2023, causing anguish and physical discomfort.

    dressed in a looks latex red and silver boots that had her personalized name, the famous pop singer was performing her musical hits when the fanatic, whose name is still unknown, dodged the security team and taking her by surprise, something that she herself confirmed in her account Instagram.

    The follower tried to hug her, while members of the team almost immediately began to pull him away with great force. Something for which the actress also took more care, who asked to be released so that she could calm him down and thus get rid of him in a much more peaceful way and that she will not continue to put her integrity, his or the guards at risk.

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    “Give him this, please very carefully. Be careful, what’s more, stay there and drink that, breathe because it almost gave you something. You scared me! I love you too (…) Are you lost, beautiful?” The singer said to the fan when the security team managed to get him down.

    After this, the singer continued her presentation without any other incident and with a smile.

    “At today’s concert a person got on stage, he almost threw me and I hurt myselfin addition to the scare that it takes me. My back hurts a lot”, said the singer in her stories of instagram.

    This fact caused many people to use their social networks toto criticize the unknown fanassuring that they put the physical and mental integrity of the famous at risk.

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    “At what point does a person think that the artist, because they are famous, can be touched and exposed in this way.” “Belinda acted very consistently, let’s remember that those kinds of people are the ones who end up even killing, Selena, their great idols”. “I’m a super fan and obviously, I would also love to hug her and tell her how much I admire her, but I think there are limits and that was a clear example of her completely breaking down and she was left hurt and trauma.” “It is not a good idea to violate that space, but it was from said debate, Beli must hire a new security team because they seemed slow,” are some of the comments.

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