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    Belinda boasts that she has mastered her Spanish accent despite growing up in Mexico | VIDEO

    Belinda never ceases to amaze us. On this occasion, he showed that despite the fact that he has been in Mexico for many years and where he really forged his career, since he arrived at the age of 4, that country to which he owes a lot, he does not forget his roots.

    And for this reason, he now took advantage of his attendance at a program to show off that he still has a Spanish accent. No, we can forget that, after her unexpected break with the Mexican singer-songwriter, Christian Nodal, Belinda said she would leave Mexico.

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    So she would return to her homeland Spain, but the pleasure did not last long, because her luxuries are expensive and Mexico is the country where she is still hired. Despite this, he does not miss out on any of the few opportunities where he can shine in Spanish territory.

    On this occasion, she was invited to the show “El Hormiguero” where the driver Pablo Motos Burgos challenged her to show her Spanish accent.

    The result enchanted the Iberian public and Internet users filled it with compliments for how natural it sounded. In addition, she showed some of the most used words in Mexico and showed the passion she feels for the country that saw her grow as an artist..

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    Belinda had also decided to stay in that country to continue with projects both in music and in acting with the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden” in which she is one of the protagonists.

    The singer moved to Mexico as a child and it was in the country where she began her acting career with soap operas such as “Complices al rescate” and “Aventuras en el tiempo”in which he also demonstrated his vocal talent and which would later be the path he would take to continue adding successes.

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    He pointed out in a talk he had with the EFE agency in which he also stressed that it is because of his parents that there was always potato omelette and serrano ham in his house. And after the criticism she received on social networks after stating that she was proud to be Spanish, in an interview for “Venga la Alegria” she clarified what had happened.

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