EntertainmentBelinda betrays her mother and lies to her face (VIDEO)

    Belinda betrays her mother and lies to her face (VIDEO)

    Belinda betrays her mother and lies to her face. And not only that, even the singer herself shares her document, on her TikTok account, of the step-by-step how she made him believe her and end up in a panic.

    As she herself has shown, Christian Nodal’s ex spent a few days at Disney WorldOrlando, with his family. We saw her become the chef of ‘Ratatouille’, at Epcotbut the peak moment, literally, was lived in Animal Kingdom where he played a trick on his mother, Dona Belinda Schull.

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    the poor woman he’s terrified of roller coastersand Belinda convinced her to the cry of “mom, trust me, it’s nothing” climb one of the strongest: Everest.

    In the video that you can see below, the lady did not seem very convinced to get on and less that it was a ‘soft’ game. But Belinda insisted, insisted and insisted, and even though at the last second she almost got out, she finally believed her ‘baby’.

    Well, we definitely believe that it was the last thing he could trust, since Beli’s little joke was complete since, how he sat next to her, he documented on video the whole way and panic that his mom lived while the game was in action.

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    “You’re a bitch, you’re a bitch,” Dona Schull yelled at her.while Belinda I kept repeating: “It’s nothing, don’t be exaggerated”.

    After the controversy, the bickering, the alleged boyfriend with private jets, and his declaration that he doesn’t need a millionaire to indulge himself, Belinda decided to take everything a little more calmly and enjoy herself as if she were a child again with her family.… Of course, he did not deprive himself of doing evil, but ask his mother.

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