EntertainmentBad Bunny is the cover of TIME magazine: "I always dreamed of...

    Bad Bunny is the cover of TIME magazine: “I always dreamed of going to Los Angeles one day”

    Bad Bunny has given an interview to TIME magazine in which he has been sincere as few times. He admits that since he was little he wanted to move to Los Angeles and how he is incredibly competitive assuring: “I always want more”. There is no doubt that the singer of urban genre has shifted the world’s attention to The latinos.

    He Reggaeton Bad Rabbit, Bad Bunnyspoke with Andrew Chow and Mariah Espada from TIME magazine. There they walked through their fight for the latino community and how the Caribbean feels through his veins more than anyone else. He also talked about his presentation in coachellaof how he lives day to day now who moved to the Angels and whether or not it is true that he will release a song with Justin Bieber.

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    He also referred to the fact that when he won the Grammys 2023, There were no Spanish subtitles in his speech: “Actually, when I saw it… I didn’t get the message. It didn’t say ‘in Spanish’… like ‘non English’… well, the system doesn’t work. It was crap, that’s the only way I could put it.”

    As for the era we live in and that “Latinos are in fashion,” he said that he is proud of that, but that initially It was difficult for him to assimilate that some Latino artists had rather moved away from their customs, from their language: “Cabro** you have been singing for 20 years and now you want to make a song in Spanish? You didn’t do it in your best moment but now you want to make a song in Spanish because you’re not out in your best moment? So I see things like that and at that moment it bothered me. But now that feeling has overtaken me. Not that I feel that way right now. It’s good to do what you want. And the same for other artists who are gringos who would never have the opportunity to work with a Latino artist or make a song in Spanish.and now you see them looking at the Latin music because it is at the top. It became ‘cool’ to be Latino. They’re not just making the music, they’re trying to copy the flow of Latinos,” he added. Bad Bunny.

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    The author of “Titi Asked Me”included in the most successful album of 2022 “A Summer Without You”He also added that he does not separate himself from current problems and threw the responsibility on the governments… From Puerto Rico, from the United States: “I think that all governments have failed their country at some point”.

    Despite being in his prime and above all going around rumors of relationship with Kendall Jennerassures that he is not interested in fame: “I do not care about that. I am a person. I am a human being and I make mistakes. I have always said that I will live as I want. But I never limit myself to doing one way or acting in one way because of what they are going to say or think, no. I am famous and I did not stop being human ”, ended up sentencing the most important artist of 2022.

    What’s next for Bad Bunny, As usual, you don’t know. For now, he will make an appearance at the Coachella Festival 2023 in Chino Hills and assures that he intends to transport those present to the “valley” to the Caribbean with his music and show. So we’ll wait and see what his presentation brings.

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