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    Ari Borovoy could produce the opening event of the 2026 World Cup in Mexico

    In the midst of the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrad He is already analyzing the options that are available to him for the opening ceremony that would take place in 2026 for the World Cup in which the United States, Canada and Mexico will lead the way..

    It was through his Twitter account that the Mexican foreign minister undertook the task of sharing a video prior to the opening of the World Cup in the Arab country. “Thinking about the ceremony that we will have to do in 2026 at the inauguration in Mexico,” the official wrote.

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    It should be noted that this message did not take long to go viral and reach the ears of the singer and producer Ari Borovoy, who already raised his hand to be part of the ceremony.

    Chancellor, don’t worry about that, we produce incredible, my company is called BoBo Produccioneswe are the largest 100% Mexican company in the production of live events. Trust, no one better than us to produce such an important event in Mexico for the world“, is read in the tweet that he sent to Marcelo Ebrad.

    As a result of his offer, dozens of Internet users began to emerge who supported Borovoy’s work, alluding to the production of the ’90’s Pop Tour’ show, an event he is in charge of.

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    They do it amazing I’ve seen on Youtube videos of the 90’s pop tours and Wow, music that’s worth it, have you thought about doing that kind of show outside of Mexico? Because I would go yes or yeswrote one user, while another rebutted saying:

    “Ari, please don’t lie. I have been to the last few shows that they have presented in Monterrey, in different areas, and the sound is horrible. The microphones fail and the stage is not used, there are those who see the entire show “from behind”. There are a thousand complaints, ”she pointed out.

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    Despite the commotion caused by Ari Borovoy with his proposal, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrad has stayed out of the controversyCould the former OV7 member be the one to carry such a load on his shoulders? Only time will tell.

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    Source: La Opinion

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