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    Anuel AA was with 2 of his exes in New York and they are neither Karol G nor Yailin La Mas Viral

    Just a few days ago, the singer of urban genre, anuel aaclosed his successful tour “Legends Don’t Die Tour” at Madison Square Garden next to Tokischa. When exiting from the back, where the direct access for the artists is to the venue, you could see the two of the former Puerto Rican couples. We are not referring to Yailin The Most Viralnor to Carol G..

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    It was about Melissa Vallecilla and Astrid Cuevas. The first is the mother of Gianella Gazmey and the second, is the mother of the first child of Anuel AA, Pablo Anuel. They were leaving to accompany the artist as a family to close a tour, which may have represented one of the most important of his career.

    “The focus I have right now I have never had in my life, at this point it is already impossible to imagine everything I am going to achieve AND I MYSELF DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS APPROACH, NOR THIS WORK TEAM THAT I HAVE!!!!!!! THE ONLY THING I KNOW IS THAT I AM GOING TO MAKE HISTORY AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME. THERE IS NO HUMAN WHO CAN STOP ME… IN MY TIME, IN MY WAY, WITHOUT FOLLOWING ANYONE’S STEPS AND HUMBLE ABOVE ALL THINGS WITH A PURE HEART!!!!!! The tour is over in the USA…. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME 🫶🏽 I LOVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE LIFE…”, wrote the former de Karol G on his Instagram account. Two of her three children were there to accompany her father.

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    For several months, the interpreter of “Better than me” and “Richer Than Ayer” is taking a turn. He has shown himself dedicated to his little ones, although he has not yet been seen with the daughter he had with La Chivirika, Yailin La Mas Viral.

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    cattleya Only part of the face has been seen through the publications of Yailin. anuel aa he has not confirmed or denied that he was with his youngest daughter. The truth is that, if it has happened, she has not appeared on social networks.

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    As we mentioned, Gianella, Pablo Anuel and their respective mothers Astrid and Melissa Vallecilla have also been supporting the singer.

    Recently, during an interview with Latin Billboard, anuel aa He confirmed that he was done with the Dominican, but he asked to support her with his music and also showed his affection.

    However, he has been criticized in the Dominican Republic for all the older messages he has recently dedicated to his other ex. the bichota, Carol G..

    Some classify the attitude of the Puerto Rican as “humiliating.” However, his most loyal fans and the media have applauded the singer’s changes from urban genre.

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