EntertainmentAnuel AA publishes a shirtless selfie and shows off his pectorals on...

    Anuel AA publishes a shirtless selfie and shows off his pectorals on Instagram

    In the midst of all their controversies, anuel aa posed from various angles in front of the gym mirror. The urban genre singer said that he had “tea **”, but in reality what he was showing off was his developed pectorals.

    “WHAT A PROBLEM I’M GOING TO BE IN A MONTH, I GET MY ABS OUT AND FINISHED MY CHEST TATTOO, keep listening to #DRIPPIN with @messiahgram,” he wrote the ex of Yailin La Mas Viral and Karol G, Anuel AA, on his Instagram account while showing off his great progress in the gym with his shirt removed.

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    This arises just when part of the lyrics of Shakira’s new song, Anuel AA’s ex, Karol G “TQG” (Te Quedo Grande), in which it says as they assured in Today: “At least you were pretty with me.” Let’s remember that as soon as Anuel made public her relationship with Yailin The Most Viral He lost a lot of weight and there were many who speculated about the same.

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    In addition to his physical appearance, the interpreter of “Hoodie” and “La Maquina” He did a Live on his Instagram account a few days ago. There she confirmed that she ended her marriage with the chivirika. She denied having a relationship with Shaarza Moriel and As for the mother of his supposed other daughter, Melissa Vallecilla gave a strong interview to Telemundo.

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    In it he said that the star of the urban genre if a DNA test had been done that would confirm the paternity of the same. He also told how the relationship between them had developed and what he demands from the singer. Melissa’s statements surprised many and they are still talking about them.

    On the other hand, arcanagel tHe also starred in a public debate on Instagram with anuel aa. The reggaeton singer also said that Anuel envied Bad Bunny and threw some lapidary words at him. “You wrote to me once that you knew to me** how I gave it to the rabbit… And you are so hypocritical, that two weeks later you were loading the rake to Bad Bunny in the ca** disco… The envious one here is you…”.

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    Until the time of closing this note, Anuel would not have responded to Arcangel more than what he said in his live. “What a sadness, what a sadness more cab ** that you are doing 7 legendary choliseos.. do you understand? Dedicated to the brother may he rest in peace… That is not the big news that has come out, what has come out is: –Archangel shoots Anuel…”.

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    For the moment we leave you the latest musical premiere by Anuel AA in collaboration with Messiah: “dripping”which until the time this note was closed had been released for less than 24 hours and reached almost 2 million views on Youtube.

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