EntertainmentAnuel AA is asked about Karol G in Venezuela and he responds...

    Anuel AA is asked about Karol G in Venezuela and he responds unexpectedly

    The singer anuel aa gave a massive concert as part of the music festival in Venezuela. As he went down to the hotel lobby to address the venuea reporter had the opportunity to ask him about Carol G. and the response of the urban genre singer surprised many.

    “Daddy congratulates Carol G. for his success in the career you made for him. Listen to me anuel, your song is clearly for her right? The answer of the anuel aa It was unexpected, since he did not remain silent as he has done on previous occasions. “You broke up, you broke up. Pose, pose with me so you can go viral,” said the Puerto Rican.

    Then the singer went to the air base The Charlotte in Caracas, where he was received by the Venezuelans. Many of them upset, because the interpreter of “Del Kilo”, “Legends Don’t Cry” and “If I die” he came to sing two hours later. The public was impatient, but even so they ended up applauding and perreando to the rhythm of reggaeton and Anuel’s trap.

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    He himself was happy to be in the country, where he was received in style and even had the opportunity to meet and pose with several high-ranking politicians from that country. One of them was Tarek William Saab. This earned him some criticism from the Venezuelan oppositionbecause that politician would have spoken ill of anuel aa in the past.

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    “Ticket changes opinion”, “Just for which one, I don’t know which of the two is worse…”, “I always say that new age phrase “between heaven and social networks there is nothing hidden”, “Chavistas being Chavistas and insulting themselves.”anuel aa He is the new singer of the Chavista assassins”, “How much did they pay him to come play Vzla, his ex Carol G. He said no and they offered him enough”, “This guy was also in jail. He is up to Chavismo, disgusting ”, they were part of the strong messages that opponents of the Government of Venezuela left for Anuel AA on Instagram.

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    As for its presentation, it was excellent and was classified as such by the experts. Anuel sang “Secreto”, “Bebesita” and “More Rich than Yesterday”, songs that at the time were for Karol G. The last one comes after La Bichota will launch her song “TQG” with Shakirawhere he throws darts against he and his partner to Gerard Pique.

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