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    Angela Aguilar boasts on Instagram of her trip to the market to cook something very Mexican

    As is customary, the American singer Angela Aguilar He records every step he takes on his social networks. And for this reason, this time he surprised his fans by boasting that he attended a market to buy ingredients for a promising dish.

    Which did not reveal what it would be, but both she and her older sister Aneliz gave clues that it was something typical of Mexico. And maybe it was like that Well, September is considered the national month in Mexico, since the Independence of the neighboring country is celebrated.

    Which on multiple occasions has unleashed various controversies around Angela, since the American has based her short career on singing Regional Mexican music, but that has not given her great credit with Mexicans.

    Those who on multiple occasions have rejected her as “Mexican”, this after Angela’s controversial statements, by ensuring in the last Qatar 2022 World Cup that she was 25% Argentine.

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    And for many Mexicans that was an offense, because in the end she and her entire family live by exploiting Mexican culture and traditions. In addition to the fact that the tricolors are not very fond of Argentines, on the contrary.

    It was through her Instagram account, where Pepe Aguilar’s daughter shared a compilation of photographs in which she tagged her sister Aneliz and a member of the “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” concert named Carlos Gonzalez, who accompanied them on this new “adventure.”

    Well, let’s be realistic, Angela doesn’t seem to have much time to go to a market to do her errands since she spends her time on tour with her family.

    The first image is her with a white blouse that looks like silk, as always groomed and showing off her beauty.

    For the second postcard, you can see a market in the background, where you can see various stalls selling vegetables, fruits, among others.

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    While for the third image Angela appears posing in front of a mirror with her sister Anelizwho is seen putting on an apron with the colors of a typical Mexican sarape.

    And this image caused “discord” among Pepe Aguilar’s daughters, as Aneliz made an unexpected comment to Angela about it: “I hate you for uploading that photo of me,” along with some laughing emojis and another crying.

    Therefore, In the penultimate image you see Angela posing in the kitchen accompanied by various ingredients that are very typical of Mexican cuisineas is avocado, onion, lemons, and what appears to be chili piquin, among others.

    That is why we deduced that they were going to prepare something very Mexican. While the last two photos were an arrangement of flowers of various colors and a photo of her posing as usual.

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    And placing a very brief message in the description, he wrote: “Today, we went to the market”, something that generated various comments from his fans, Well, some questioned her about whether she really knew how to cook. While others applauded her for doing such a mundane activity.

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