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    Andres Garcia’s stepson sends a forceful message to the actor’s children about the will

    The recent physical departure of the well-remembered soap opera heartthrob andres garcia continues to be news. This time because his stepson, Andres Portillo, asked the actor’s children for respect about the decisions he left in his will before dying on April 4 at the age of 81.

    The son of Margarita Portillo, who would presumably be the universal heir of the actor, He sent a forceful message to Andres Jr., Leonardo and Andrea Garcia about the distribution of assets he made before he died.

    I don’t think there’s much to say. They have to respect my dad, the decisions he made and stop bothering, that they honor his legacy, and I’m not even talking about material things, that they honor him. It seems to me in very bad taste when I see that they are pulling or buzzing things. They have to respect it,” he said in an interview for the “Hoy” program.

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    Likewise, Andres Portillo assured that he will continue to manage the properties that Andres Garcia had in Acapulco, complying with the will of the actor, whom he calls “dad”.

    “For years, when my dad already had a bad back, He asked me to support him here and that’s because he asked me to and it will continue to be so, I’m going to continue managing here”he declared.

    Garcia’s stepson also took the opportunity to talk about the statements of Roberto Palazuelos in which he stated that the castle that the actor had in Ajusco ended up wasted.

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    “My dad did answer that to him, he told him that he did what he wanted with his things, At the end of the day, no one has to decide whether to sell their things at a high price or cheap, these are issues that do not concern anyone, not even me, much less him,” Andres Portillo stated.

    Roberto Palazuelos affirmed that he supposedly continues to be the executor of Andres Garcia and that way he has a way to help the artist’s three children if they wish to challenge the will. Some time ago, Palazuelos assured that Margarita Portillo took Andres Garcia away from the “people who loved him.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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