EntertainmentAndres Garcia reappears and with his deteriorated voice reveals details of his...

    Andres Garcia reappears and with his deteriorated voice reveals details of his health: “It bothers me a lot not being able to speak”

    Andres Garcia reappears and with his deteriorated voice reveals details of his health: "It bothers me a lot not being able to speak"

    The actor Adnres Garcia reappeared before the television cameras to share new details about his state of health and the controversy that was generated a few days ago by the statements of his son Leonardofor which he assured that he will not allow anyone to speak ill of Daisy Portillo.

    With a little difficulty speaking because his throat is still affected by the pneumonia he suffers from, the 81-year-old actor gave an interview for the “Ventaneando” program, where he revealed how he feels after having suffered a new health crisis. for which he even had to go to the emergency hospital.

    Not very comfortable (feels) because my voice was spoiled from drinking cold water the other day and I got pneumonia, so my voice is as you can see, but we do what we can,” he mentioned.

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    During the video call, he confirmed that he is in the care of Margarita Portillo at his home in Acapulco, Guerrero, and even joked that he listens to everything he says because he has no other choice and “she is the tamer.”

    He also revealed that he already feels better in health, although the only thing that bothers him is not being able to speak well.

    When questioned about the relapse he had due to the consumption of illicit substances, the actor explained that he does not remember what happened, because he only remembers when they found him at his beach house.

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    “Look, I don’t even remember… what I remember, I only know that suddenly I woke up and I was lying in the patio of my house on the beachThat’s what I remember,” he replied.

    Regarding the accusations that his son Leonardo launched against Margarita Portillo a few days ago, the protagonist of “Chanoc” explained that it is not about conflict, because all he asks is that they do not speak ill of his wife.

    “That is not a matter of war, that is a matter that he cannot speak ill of my wife, I can’t allow anyone to speak ill of my wifeand more unfairly and not being true, “he added.

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    After mentioning that he has been married to Margarita Portillo for 20 years, he also referred to her as his “angel”, demonstrating once again that he is willing to defend her against the accusations.

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