EntertainmentAndrea Legarreta publishes an unprecedented video of her mother before she died...

    Andrea Legarreta publishes an unprecedented video of her mother before she died with a heartbreaking message

    One more time Andrea Legarreta He monopolized the spotlight when he reported on social networks that he foresaw the death of his mother, Dona Isabel Martinez, who died just 15 days ago, as he let it be seen on his Instagram account.

    With this devastating message, The host of the program “Hoy” made it clear that she is still extremely affected by the death of her mother And what was most surprising about said post was that he confessed that he had a presentiment of the death of his beloved “Chabelita” in the last meeting they had.

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    Legarreta posted a short video showing the exact moment in which his mother, Isabel Martinez, gave him the blessing for the last time.

    Which happened on July 12, when the host of “Today” celebrated her 52nd birthday and He also explained that that occasion was the last time he saw his mother alive, who lost her life on July 30.He also pointed out that in that last meeting he had a premonition of his mother’s departure.

    In this story, Andrea showed that she is still extremely affected by the sudden death of her mother, so He openly confessed that he feels extremely sad and even confessed that if he could turn back time, he would do it to hug and kiss his mother much more..

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    And finally, Andrea also took the opportunity to thank for the extraordinary mother she had, in addition, she also took the opportunity to recognize her father, Juan Legarreta, who has dealt with this situation “like a true warrior” and sent a valuable message to all his followers.

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