EntertainmentAndrea Legarreta explodes against Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain and calls them...

    Andrea Legarreta explodes against Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain and calls them scum. Ready to sue! | VIDEO

    Now if Andrea Legarreta She took out all her fury because the hosts of the controversial show “Gossip no like” crossed the limit of the famous Mexican presenter and already exhausted her patience. Who took advantage of a moment on the “Hoy” program to tell them everything and threaten them with a possible and very rude lawsuit.

    Legarreta became very rude, like rarely before, with Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain after they claimed that an “alleged investigation” proves that the Mexican presenter, also Monica Noguerais the third in contention and the cause of her separation from Erik Rubin.

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    Andrea could not hide her annoyance at these accusations from the controversial presenters, who often get involved in lawsuits.

    During the first minutes of the Televisa morning show, The renowned host took the floor to address the hosts of this show in a very serious and serious manner. in the face of this false information.

    But that was only the beginning, Well, Andrea didn’t stop there and tell them the egg and who put it like rarely, because she’s not usually involved in gossip.

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    And to end this terrible bitter pill, He reiterated again that he will find a way for both Ceriani and Beristain to stop lying and more about his life and his decisions.

    But the coup de grace of the presenter of the “Hoy” program came when she assured that the credibility of the show “Gossip no like” and of Ceriani and Beristain, was in tatters, since none of her “exclusives” are real.

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