EntertainmentAndrea Legarreta comes out in defense of Lupillo Rivera and throws an...

    Andrea Legarreta comes out in defense of Lupillo Rivera and throws an indirect shot at Dulce

    Andrea Legarreta comes out in defense of Lupillo Rivera and throws an indirect shot at Dulce

    As they had already announced for a few weeks on the Hoy program, Lupillo Rivera He met at forum 16 of Televisa to modify the tattoo with which he covered the face of his ex-girlfriend Belinda.

    Due to the above, at the beginning of the broadcast, Lupillo spoke to the drivers and the man in charge of modifying his tattoo about the idea he had in mind to change that peculiar design he has on his skin, given this, Andrea Legarreta He made an acid comment to “Toro del corrido” remembering his fight with the singer Dulce, one of the participants of the reality show “El Retador”.

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    As we mentioned before, Lupillo arrived very early at the forum where the Hoy program is recorded. Well, for a few weeks he promised that he would modify the design with which he covered the controversial tattoo that was made of the face of his ex-girlfriend Belinda.

    And it is that it was in the year of 2019, when Lupillo and Belinda began a romance and due to the love he had for the blonde, he decided to tattoo her face on his left arm, for which he was highly criticized.

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    Although now Lupillo has already surpassed Belinda, there is another controversy that surrounds him and it is the fight he starred in last weekend with the singer Dulce in the program “El retador” where “El toro del corrido” acts as judge.

    Because of this, Andrea Legarreta jokingly suggested to Lupillo Rivera that the new design to be tattooed on his skin is the face of the singer Dulce.

    “Why don’t you get a tattoo of Dulce’s face?”said Andrea Legarreta.

    Although she said it as a joke, Andrea was embarrassed after her comment, but who apparently did not find it funny was Lupillo Rivera who told Legarreta that: “Whoever takes, endures.”

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    For all It is a mystery the tattoo that “El toro del corrido” will choose to once and for all erase that tattoo with which he decided to cover the face of his ex-girlfriend.

    And it is that although they gave several ideas to Lupillo Rivera, “El toro del corrido” came to the Hoy program with the idea of ​​homologating the design to the tattoo he has of his sister Jenni Rivera’s face.

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