EntertainmentAndrea Escalona shares an unpublished video of the birth of her baby...

    Andrea Escalona shares an unpublished video of the birth of her baby and moved to remember her mother

    last December 22 Andrea Escalona welcomed her first child and since then he has shared touching images with which he has shown off as a proud mother, but now that he has decided to resume driving on the ‘Today’ program, shared an unpublished video of the birth and moved to tears recalled the shocking moment she became a mother.

    The daughter of the deceased producer magda rodriguez She is already a mother and after the birth of her firstborn, Emilio, she reappeared before the cameras of the Televisa morning show to share what her first days in this new facet of her life have been like.

    During the welcome given to him by his colleagues, Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincon, Raul Araiza, Arath de la Torre and Paul Stanley, Escalona revealed that the birth was by caesarean section, a decision that his doctor made at the last minute to prevent him from suffering the baby.

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    “I was already on the iron, super exposed, my head ached, I was thinking about my mom, several movies came to mind and suddenly Marco, my boyfriend, arrived,” she said excitedly.

    She also recounted that when she heard Emilio’s crying for the first time and they took him to hold him in her arms it was the best moment of her life, which she recalled completely moved as the unpublished video of the birth appeared on the screens.

    “Everything is taken from you as long as it’s okay, I worried a lot like: ‘breathe’, ‘how is he?’ He has been a wonderful child, well behaved. I’m in love!“, he expressed.

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    In addition to this magical experience, she recounted that she felt the presence of her mother again, to whom she has already introduced her baby on video.

    “I talk to her a lot about Magda, the other time I went to YouTube to see Magda and I put it on her and she said: ‘this crazy girl was your grandmother'”, and once again she shuddered as she confessed how much she misses the deceased producer.

    I missed my mom so much“He pointed out, while he also referred to his partner, calling him an excellent father.

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    “Marco has been a great dad, he has gotten up with me, he has changed diapers, he has paid the bill,” he said between laughs.

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