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    Anahi assures that in ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ “they made fun of her anorexia and bulimia very badly”

    The singer and actress Anahi suffered from anorexia and bulimia years ago.. Now, in an interview, she dared to tell how his beginnings on television were and the difficult moments he faced when he Showbiz programs would have made “mockery” about their eating disorders.

    Anahi Puente Portillo – better known as Anahi – had an interview with journalist Joaquin Lopez-Doriga, where she opened her heart and spoke about her artistic career in the artistic medium with ups and downs.

    One of the hardest moments that the remembered ‘Mia Colucci’ from the soap opera ‘Rebelde’ talked about was anorexia and bulimia. She confessed that especially She felt “exposed” and “judged” by the press who, in her opinion, “made fun” of what she was experiencing at a time when she weighed “38 kilos.”

    At the time when she faced strong mental and physical health problems due to anorexia and bulimia, she assured that there were television programs from Mexico and other countries that made fun of her situation, something that also affected her.

    According to his story, in shows they allegedly made fun of her to the point of asking her cruel questions and even putting her to eat in the dynamics in which she was going to participate.

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    “The press, in the same programs where my home was supposed to be, is not against Televisa, it is what was happening at that time. “Body shaming was a horrible topic, they made fun of me on shows, they made me eat,” he commented.

    When asked about the name of the shows that she felt attacked her at that time, she said: “Oh! ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’, ‘La Oreja’, all those programs that don’t even exist today I think (…) They made fun of my problem very ugly… Because, also, I first tried to deny it, but it was already something that was so obvious that I faced it and tried to express it, but it was worse because they made fun of it a lot.”

    In the interview, Lopez-Doriga said that she stopped eating for days and that she even ate ice “to trick the stomach.” While she told the story, she asked that no one take those ideas from her interview because she did very dangerous things that put her between life and death. death.

    “I could go five or six days without eating. Sometimes she ate a grapefruit, sometimes she ate ice to trick her stomach. Then, when I couldn’t take it anymore, the binges would come and I would vomit a lot,” he pointed.

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    Anahi said that there came a point where her body collapsed and one day while traveling in a cousin’s car she felt very bad and that was when she had a heart attack.

    “One day with my cousin Alicia it was morning and we were in her car. I told her that I felt bad and my heart was pounding and I felt as if my stomach was turning inside out ”he said.

    According to Anahi’s story, her nightmare began when she was a teenager after a comment she received from a television producer about her physical appearance.

    “When I start to grow and enter adolescence, there is a difficult age in which you are no longer the little girl, but you are not the woman either… I go to Televisa and they tell me: ‘we are going to do the new version of Quinceanera.’ And I said ‘I want to do it’”, started saying.

    Later, the actress stated that when she found out about this project she did not have any battle with her mental health due to her weight, but it was then that the producer told her that supposedly the protagonists had to be “skinny.”

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    “They summon me to the office of the person who was going to produce that soap opera and they told me: ‘we are going to do the soap opera and it would be incredible if you were the protagonist. But Anahi, the protagonists are skinny, the protagonists are very pretty and you are chubby.’“, recalled the RBD member.

    Although the interviewer asked her the name of that person who marked her, she preferred to keep his identity because she assured that she is fond of him and made it clear that it was not Pedro Damian.

    “I wouldn’t like to say his name because poor man, if I say it they will… I love him, he is not a bad person, at the time he was doing his thing, but he had no idea what his words had an impact on a human being.” , said.
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    Source: La Opinion

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