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    Ana Patricia and Rafa Araneda on ‘Falling in love USA’: “People change their lives in a program”

    “People change their lives on a show”… This is how Ana Patricia Gamez and Rafael Araneda define what happens in ‘Enamorandonos USA’, the successful show of UniMas that we see every night at 8/7 PM Centro.

    This Tuesday, January 17, the show celebrates 600 episodesin which, since September 9, 2019, and still having to deal with the rules brought by the pandemic, They managed to get more than 4,000 participants through the study, of which 3,800 opened the ‘door of love’, formed 30 couples and 14 got married!

    Those numbers are people, dreams, illusions, hopes and Ana Patricia, Rafa, Migbelis Castellanos as co-host, Pietro in his bar and the Band of Cupids, recognize them, live them and enjoy it just like each one of the spectators that night after night they wait for the famous “yes, yes”.

    Before this Tuesday is the big celebration, We speak exclusively with Anita and Rafa, who not only give us a preview of what we will see this coming Tuesday, January 17, but also take a tour of what they have experienced during these 3 years and 600 showscongratulations, difficulties and the secret of success based on the most important thing in life: love.

    -How did you as presenters and spectators experience all these feelings among the participants in already, 600 programs?

    Ana Patricia: It’s the same feeling, I think It is very noticeable on the screen, when I get upset with someone, when I am happy with someone, when a story makes me cry… And the same goes for the public, with whom they get angry because they say no so many times, and how many times has it happened to us that even those who least expect it are the ones who get together… I feel that I express a little what the public feels at home when they see ‘Falling in love USA’ on the screen.

    Rafael Araneda: I am very transparent, I say what I feel about it, Some decisions call my attention, others surprise me, others make me uncomfortable, others excite me, some I enjoy, others annoy me and I do it with spontaneitythe personal feeling too, because deep down they are people, they are dreams, they are tastes, they are vocations, they are the desire to find love or the desire to appear on the screen, one can enter there into the most hidden mystery of the human beingand suddenly you are surprised for better and sometimes for worse.

    Ana Patricia: I like that Rafa always takes it with more humor, because I am more angryI do get more angry, I turn red, but he always looks for him as the good side, the joke, he wants to throw himself off the balcony, he has already thrown himself once, when he was younger, it is like that balance that is needed.

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    -The two are professionals, the difference, Ana gets into the stories, you are passionate, and Rafa puts entertainment above all, how do they put it together to form this organic team that they have achieved?

    Ana Patricia: You have to entertain people, here You don’t know who is going to sit down, who is going to leave here, sometimes we are so moved by a person, the personality, other times notso I think that there, who carries the years of his career, his career, and who knows how to do that with his eyes closed is this man (Rafael)Because at the end of the day people want to entertain themselves, how nice that they find love, others don’t, but at the end of the day we all have a good time.

    Rafael Araneda: Too I am passionate about emotions in general, and emotions have to do with laughter and love. Sometimes I stay more with that, than with the storyBecause there are stories that are very organic, and there are stories that are a bit of a narrative of what the person wants to show, but one is a bit more of an old fox… For me how exciting they are, and that is where the game with Ana is, that each one pushes one way and I go the othergood cop and bad cop, and that’s how things turn out… She (Ana) always praises me, and she is extraordinary, she is spontaneous, she is very generous, it is easy to work with her, as long as there is foodyou can work easily, otherwise you get in a bad mood, the same happens with beer (laughs).

    -What was the goal for you in the number one program, and what is the goal today at 600 shows?

    Ana Patricia: In it program one to establish what it is about, how it works, what people come to. ‘Falling in love’ is a program to find love, a courtship, maybe something more serious, and that was at the beginning… Now the goal is for these guys to make up their minds, and to find someone, even if it’s for a 2-3 month courtshipbecause it is very easy for them not to feel anything the first time they see the person they have been hit with, that takes time.

    Rafael Araneda: The The goal of show one for me was what will happen fast, because usually shows 1, 2 or 3, are shows full of tension.everyone looks at us, everyone criticizes, that this is not, that this is so, that this is there, and finally there are the executives, the bosses, they are all there, they all have a vision, very valuable, very respectable, but finally what begins to happen then it’s the show… The baby is already born! And when does he start to walk, when does this baby start to laugh, when do we relate to him, that’s what happens to me with the first chaptersI don’t like them very much but you have to do them.

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    There are already 600 programs, it’s time to uncover what we don’t know, what happens behind the scenes? do you make bets?

    Ana Patricia: All the time, one can bet on something and it does not happen and quite the opposite, it is part of the process, also of the people who come, We would like more people to come, to cheer up from all sides, because at the end of the day whoever comes, whether they find love or not, will have a good time. no program You travel from anywhere in the United States, nor Puerto Rico for free, plane, stay, you’re in Miami, how tasty!I say if I was 20, I was single, I was sitting here like them

    Rafael Araneda:And how many times would you have said yes?

    Ana Patricia: Ugh few.

    Rafael Araneda: I would have said yes to all of them, there are many beautiful onesyes to all.

    -Is there a difference between before the pandemic and after the strong pandemic when it comes to those who want to come and participate?

    Ana Patricia: It has been wrestled with.

    Rafael Araneda: It’s still a topic not only because of individual decisions, but because of the company’s protocols, which are required by the health authoritythey continue to be with respect to a certain capacity of the audience, of the public that can visit us, it is not at maximum capacity, the COVID tests are carried out.

    -How do you plan to celebrate the 600 programs?

    Rafael Araneda: You have to celebrate not only for the screen, for the audience, with the team, with the team, because it is the same, there have been changes, but minor ones, and we are a familyWe are a family, we have a good time, we argue, we have differences, but we adore each other and we work together, I don’t know, I think we deserve a party.

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    Ana Patricia: There is a couple getting engaged, I don’t know if the divorce of another was announced because they are still there, like, fighting, and other surprises I really don’t know what else

    Rafael Araneda: I think we are going to see some things of our, of what is already being done in Turkey with the Island, we are going to preview some images, you are going to see a bit of everything about ‘Falling in love’ more than what happens here… There is material from the memory of things that have happened, behind the scenes that have not been seen, that the audience has not seen and we want to show them.

    How have these 600 programs or this step in ‘Falling in love’ made each of them grow up to today?

    Ana Patricia: All drivers always go through a process, a transformation, a growth, and I I feel that I have grown a lot here in different ways, and not only professionally but also personally. Definitely the Ana Patricia that arrived 3 years ago, she is not the same as nowmore mature in every sense, in all negotiations, but the important thing is to learn to identify that I like this job, I enjoy it and more than a job, it’s like a day to day, something that all human beings need, to have good and bad emotions, ups and downs, because otherwise one’s life is very boring. As a profession, we all need a career that allows us to be, to be us, and in that sense, ‘Falling in love’ allows both Rafa and me to be ourselves, beyond a script. We don’t have a promise, we only have information, and we flow, I thank this program for helping Ana Patricia to grow.

    Rafael Araneda: I have grown to have the possibility of showing myself in another country, with another audience, for a very diverse public, such as the Latino public in the United States, not only the South American, Central American, there is also the first, the second and the generation that comes from Mexicans who have arrived, they are also very different among them. I had worked in Mexico, but that Mexican from Mexico City is very different from the one from the north… Challenging that for me has been a privilege, and at times it has been a lot of funI’ve had a great time.

    -What is it that they tell the public that has accompanied them in these 600 programs, that they have joined, that they discover them, that they follow them, that they leave and that they return?

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