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    Ana Brenda Contreras was honest as never before about the existential crisis she experienced

    Ana Brenda Contrerasan actress known for her participation in dozens of Mexican melodramas, has started 2023 with an open heart and willing to share a little more about the obstacles she has overcome throughout her life.

    It was during her visit to the podcast “Conquer your world” that the protagonist of ‘Reviviendo la Navidad’ shared her testimony about the existential crisis she experienced as a result of the way she related to people, this as a result of having become independent early age.

    “He gave me, around 28. I left my house at 15, at 17 I was already financially independent, at 21 I already had my first property,” revealed Ana Brenda in the middle of the conversation that followed the theme ‘Having a partner should be a decision, not a mission’.

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    I had an existential crisis of career, of life, of friendships, of many things that I had been doing automatically, because I lived very advancedI did not pay attention to the type of people who approached me, they were not necessarily bad people, but they did not have the best interest, “said the actress.

    According to Ana Brenda, 36, This dilemma was amplified when she found herself at a stage in her life in which she was not yet married with children. “They sell you the family as the ideal of happiness and that you have to stick to it to feel whole and complete,” she added.

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    Likewise, the histrionics explained that the blow that brought her back to reality was very hard to overcome. “I hit rock bottom and found myself alone,” she admitted. This stage was aggravated after experiencing more moments that shook her world: “There were many things at that time: a love break, major betrayals at work, friendships, which were not friends, it was also trying to go down a professional path that was not. All of that came together and I hit rock bottom. I left Mexico and really allowed myself to be in that process.”

    Despite this difficult chapter in her life, Ana Brenda Contreras has learned to relate healthily, always prioritizing her well-being and needs. “That was my opening, to say: ‘Yes it exists, there are people who are skinny, there are people who lie, who have no scruples and use you, but there are also people who don’t and we are going to have emotional intelligence to be able to decide with whom. to be in life or not’”, he concluded.

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