EntertainmentAna Barbara supports Yuridia in her fight against Pati Chapoy and 'Ventaneando'

    Ana Barbara supports Yuridia in her fight against Pati Chapoy and ‘Ventaneando’

    The singer Ana Barbara established a position in favor of Yuridia in the lawsuit against Pati Chapoy. Several artists have expressed their support after the interpreter of ‘Ya Te Olvide’ denounced that she suffered fatphobia from the television presenter and her companions in the program ‘Ventaneando’.

    In a meeting with the press at the National Auditorium of Mexico on the occasion of her upcoming Bandidos Tour, Ana Barbara showed her position in support of Yuridia.

    In his opinion, the people who have the power to generate opinions on the networks and the media must follow codes of respect.not only because they are artists, but because they can affect human beings.

    “Comments from people who have the power of a microphone and really I agree, that there must be some codes of respect for human beings, not because we are artists, but because we are human”, he indicated.

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    He stated that mockery of others should not exist and stressed that what is said in the media should be regulated.

    “The silly jokes should never have existed, because indeed the collateral damage they never know, what they do, I still believe that it is not magnified. But I also appreciate that There are mistakes and they should not be repeated, no longer live on forgiveness, but regulate that they can no longer be done on the radio, or on TV, or on video or programs. It is one thing to do comedy as comedians do, but let’s say that there has to be something that is breathed where you already disrespect “indicated.

    Likewise, he stated that in his artistic life he has faced many uncomfortable moments due to the musical genre he interprets and that was previously believed to be “only for men”.

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    “We went through a lot, but I can’t spend my life like this. I’m over it, obviously. Awkward situations, we have lived in a very macho world for a lifetime. Insecurities as a composer, because I saw only male composers, ”she said.

    Many netizens have recalled that a few years ago The interpreter of ‘Bandit’ confronted Daniel Bisogno live, also host of the program ‘Ventaneando’.

    Bisogno had insinuated that Ana Barbara had the face of a “Martian” and the singer’s mother heard it and told the artist, who called Paty Chapoy to attend the program.

    While in the middle of the program, the singer told the presenter: “If you have the pants to tell me to my face what you have said about me. Have the pants or do you need this too?”.

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    The driver tried to keep the discussion calm, but Ana Barbara was throwing her darts directly.

    “You don’t have pants and I think that’s your problem, that psychologically you’re wrong. Yesterday you gave my mom a headache, but to your mother since you were born because she saw that cockroach”, was part of what the singer said at that moment and then asked the host of the program to come out so they could interview her.
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    Source: La Opinion

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