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    Ana Barbara sends a message to Talina Fernandez after calling Mariana Levy’s son “sold”

    A new controversy plagues Talina Fernandez and the children of Mariana Levy after the television veteran called her grandson Jose Emilio “sold”. The singer joined this conversation Ana Barbarawho was the young man’s stepmother, and could not avoid sending a message that has gone viral on social networks.

    In a recent meeting with the press, the interpreter of “Bandit” said she was sad about the situation and announced that because the controversy is carried out by two people she loves very much, she does not feel comfortable talking “more”.

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    “I am very sorry for my love, the truth is that I hug Talina, it is the only thing I can tell you. I love her, I adore Talina, we are family and there are things that happen later “expressed Ana Barbara about the recent statements by the former mother-in-law of ‘El Pirru’.

    And we cannot forget that a few days ago, Talina Fernandez let herself go as a media thread when talking about her estrangement with her grandson Jose Emilio during her appearance on the program “Despierta America”.

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    There, the ‘lady of good saying’ called him “sold” after having spoken with an entertainment magazine: “Jose Emilio really likes the scenes and he sells himself with a magazine and sells himself for money, so he is capable of saying anything,” he said at the time.

    It should be noted that when questioned about her last interaction with Jose Emilio, the grupera queen Ana Barbara decided to stay out of it. “Not on that topic, my love, you know that I share everything with you, but there are things that my bandit heart is also violated, there are things that I can share and right now I’m not well enough to do it. I hope they understand me”ended.

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