EntertainmentAlix Aspe speaks openly with Rodner Figueroa about his departure from Telemundo

    Alix Aspe speaks openly with Rodner Figueroa about his departure from Telemundo

    the tv presenter Alix Aspe left the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’ and Telemundo a few weeks ago leaving many questions to viewers. For that reason, this week He opened his heart in an interview with Rodner Figueroa and talked about how he felt after closing an important professional cycle.

    Alix was part of Telemundo for eight years, in which she held various positions, the last one as host of the daily evening space along with Myrka Dellanos, Veronica Bastos and Giselle Blondet, from whom she has assured that she learned a lot.

    During his participation in the ‘Face to Face with Rodner’ podcast, the Venezuelan told him: “I, who have been in your situation on a couple of occasions in which I have lost my job in television, I can tell you that it is the best thing that can sometimes happen to you.”

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    On what her departure from the important media outlet has resulted for her, she revealed: “It has been one of the most enriching processes of my life for many reasons. One, because I am realizing everything that I am capable of doing. I am realizing all the doors that can be opened and I am learning about a wonderful thing called the decisions of the soul”.

    The Mexican assured that, although her life took a turn, everything is adjusting to the new after the decision she made.

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    “There are times when life settles in a certain way, which is not what you planned, because we planned something and suddenly a U-turn on all sides and that’s how it has to be”, express.

    In the conversation, Aspe commented that some people consider that Telemundo did not do the right thing, but she believes that she did the right thing and the best thing for her professional and personal growth.

    “People can give their opinion and say, but today I am making that decision the best of my life, because I am going to put my family first, because I am going to find a balance, because I am going to know who I am, what is my identity, what is my value, without having to depend on a wonderful company or a super privileged position like the one I had”, sentenced.

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    Source: La Opinion

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