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    Alicia Machado says that she will not talk more about Jose Manuel Figueroa because “her safety” is at risk.

    The controversy that has been generated since Alicia Machada revealed in the reality show ‘Secretos de las Indomables’ that she was supposedly a victim of physical abuse by Jose Manuel Figueroa. The singer reacted by calling her “crazy” and she now says she will not speak anymore for her “safety.”

    When the version given by the Mexican was known, The journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante contacted the Venezuelan woman to interview her about the accusation that she made gender violence. and know your opinion on his statements.

    Although Alicia responded to a written message to the communicator, ensuring that Joan Sebastian’s son likes to hit women and expressed that she preferred not to talk about the matter anymore.

    “His only talent is hitting women… thanks for your support always. For my own safety I am not going to talk about it. But honestly, until when is it us women that you have to question for a man’s bad deeds?“He began by saying in the text that was read in the program ‘De Primera Mano’.

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    After the ‘Sublime Maldicion’ interpreter said that the former Miss Universe 1996 supposedly lied to raise the ratings for the reality show, she asserted that she did not need to do that, which is why she maintains her version of having allegedly been hit by him when they were out on a date. loves.

    “Interview him to see if he is able to deny it. Once again machismo and violence against women, prevailing in the media and society. The show is a success and I think that as a media outlet it is now time to put this and several others in their place.”said the actress.

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    The former beauty queen explained that by telling about her bad experience she only wanted other women who admire the participants of that program to be empowered and see that being famous does not keep them from experiencing painful situations that must be overcome.

    “Secrets of the indomitable ones are about telling situations that can empower and provide comfort to millions of women in similar situations. Thank you, my love, for your always support, and I hope you will interview me soon for more positive things. Jose Manuel Figueroa has already spoken. Let it continue to justify itself, it is national folklore. Hitting women is the only talent he has.”he concluded.

    In the program ‘De Primera Mano’ they commented that Alicia’s complaint is not the first woman to denounce Joan Sebastian’s son for alleged physical abuse. However, they stressed that Farina Chaparro would be the only one who would legally have allegedly assaulted Jose Manuel.

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    Alicia Machado had narrated in detail in the reality show how the events in which she supposedly ended up being beaten by Jose Manuel Figueroa would have occurred.who was her boyfriend in 2006.

    For its part, The Mexican assured that he was supposedly the victim of violence on her part and even invited her to report him if she has proof of what she says.

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