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    Alicia Machado accuses Jose Manuel Figueroa of having beaten her that traumatized her

    Former Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado, confessed on the reality show ‘Secretos de las Indomables’ a very delicate topic that she decided to keep quiet for many years. This is an alleged violent event that she would have experienced in 2006 with her boyfriend at that time, the singer Jose Manuel Figueroa.

    Alicia told for the first time with luxuries and details how was the moment in which Jose Manuel allegedly gave her a beating that left her deprived and unable to speak at the time. Additionally, she revealed that she allegedly threatened to take her life or have her deported to Venezuela.

    According to the actress’s story, the reaction of the son of the deceased Joan Sebastian occurred on his birthday. “He has this reaction with me and that night I think he had gone to a party and I don’t know how many drugs he was doing,” started saying.

    She asked him if he had a plan to celebrate because friends of hers were organizing something for him too and she hugged him from behind affectionately. Supposedly the artist reacted violently by slapping her so hard that she ended up on the floor and while there he would have kicked her.

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    “My PR (public relations agent) was in the house, thank God because I was alone in that house with him. I hadn’t been in Mexico even two months. I’ve just been introduced to him and he’s so charming (…) I tell him: ‘I really need to know what we’re going to do because my friends are organizing a party for me in Mexico City’, and suddenly the guy who has a this size (very big) and he is a gentleman of this flight (high), he turns around and slaps me out of nowhere. “I have never understood how that guy is not in prison.”said Machado, leaving her reality show colleagues stunned with her story.

    Then he continued saying: “That slap blows my mind and I don’t even know how it didn’t blow out my tooth. I roll against the wall (pointing to the floor) and I stay like that in shock and he starts kicking me on the floor with a boot this size (very big)”.

    The Venezuelan assured that the boy who was with them in the house managed to stop Figueroa giving her time to flee, although the artist would have tried to prevent it violently.

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    Alicia said that her PR detained Jose Manuel and she was able to flee even though the singer tried to prevent it.

    “I had never talked about this and it’s worth it to me… because how many more times is he going to threaten me with death? My friend arrives and says: ‘You bastard, what are you doing?’ I am left without a voice. It was something traumatic. I got blocked horribly. When he realized that he was going to run away, I don’t know if he thought that he was going to go to the police, or if he was going to report him. The guy grabs a rock, when I’m starting he throws it at my truck and breaks the rear window and with that I continue and drive away.”he commented.

    The artist said that because of the scare she had, she decided to take a flight to Venezuela and take refuge with her family, which she ended up telling and their annoyance reached the point of wanting to go to Mexico to make the interpreter of “I want and need” pay for what he supposedly did.

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    “They were going to go to Mexico because they were going to kill him. Mr. Joan Sebastian, may he rest in peace, spoke with my mother, because my mother called him.”said the former beauty queen.

    Another of the participants in ‘Secretos de las Indomables’ is the singer and actress Ninel Conde, who was also a partner of Jose Manuel Figueroa. When Alicia Machado was speaking, she made gestures with her face and then said a few words that perhaps implied that the Venezuelan was not telling lies.

    “The only condition here is that a man who hits once, always hits. I don’t want to go into details because the truth is I’m more reserved but I’ll tell you one day.”said the ‘Bombon Murderer.
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