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    Alfredo Adame reappears after being beaten and assures that he does not plan to take therapy: “I did nothing”

    Alfredo Adame explained that the beating he received on February 2 was caused by a traffic incident that occurred when he was going to the Mexico City airport, but when he was questioned about the possibility of take therapy to control his anger, he was blunt in assuring that he does not need it.

    The Mexican actor and presenter held a brief meeting with the media upon his return from Villa Hermosa, Tabasco, where he explained that they beat him for refusing to pay for a blow that he allegedly hit another vehicle and recalled how the fight happened in full avenue.

    “I began to despair and The others also began to tell me: ‘You pay or we are going to beat you down’. I threw the thousand pesos at him and he got into his car, took out one of those canes with which the brake is tied to the steering wheel and he wanted to hit me in the mirror to break it, ”he narrated.

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    He assured that the damage he suffered was minimal, even only receiving two stitches due to the blow that one of the subjects gave him.

    “He threw a cane at me and hit me here (on the forehead), He opened two stitches and at the moment he hit me I raised my leg, but he did manage to hit me, At that moment I got into my car because I have an extendable defense baton there, he hit me again with a cane, I stopped him and hit him four times. The guy was already thrown away, I was refilling it and just then a mechanic came up from I don’t know where he came from and just then another guy comes up behind me and throws me to the ground. At that moment the anger stopped, ”he added.

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    He revealed that when he got into his car he hit the door himself, so he suspects that the injury was actually caused by him and not by the man with whom he had a fight. He even believes that it could be a gang of “bumper rides” because they came in different cars, which is why he decided not to file a complaint with the authorities.

    When a reporter asked him if he was aware that this type of confrontation could cause his death, he assured that he was not, because he could also “have killed him.”

    For people who have been concerned about their health, one of them Maribel Guardia, who even suggested that they take therapy to control their anger, assured that they will not do it because they do not need it.

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    Thanks for your advice, but I’m not taking any therapy. Why am I going to take anger therapy if I did nothingI calmly got off. Why am I going to go to anger therapy, if I had pulled out a gun or anything, but that’s not even thought of. I am a happy man, I live happily, ”she pointed out.

    While, to all those who have mocked, he replied that he is not interested in their opinion.

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    Source: La Opinion

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