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    Alfredo Adame compares himself to Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, for an important reason

    Alfredo Adame He is used to being in the eye of the hurricane for constantly starring in scandals, which have worsened in recent months. This led him to take psychological therapy, and It was there that he realized the similarities it has with Kurt Cobainthe late singer of Nirvana.

    It was in an interview with the Maxine Woodside program, “Todo para la Mujer”, where the actor gave a controversial statement that went viral on social networks, as he compared himself to an iconic American interpreter.

    The presenter, also a presenter, opened up to the journalist about the psychological therapy he considered necessary to go to, after the violent events he starred in in October 2022. And it was the mental health specialist herself who made him reflect on his supposed similarity with Kurt Kobain.

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    According to Alfredo Adame, the psychologist he went to told him that he is a “victim of his own success”, as was the case with the leader of the Nirvana group, who committed suicide at only 27 years of age.

    “I do not want to say her name because she is not interested in all that stuff and she tells me at the last: ‘speaking clearly, you are a victim of your own success … You are a victim of your own success, you are a victim like Kurt Cobain, the one who shot himself“, confessed the actor.

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    During the talk, Alfredo Adame He also revealed if he carries self-defense elements and assured that he does not use firearms in public. However, the actor accepted that he does have a permit to carry them for a permit that he requested in 2014, after being the victim of 12 assaults.

    Alfredo Adame said that he keeps the weapon stored in his car and also, in 2020, he acquired a cane, tear gas and a blacksmith gave him a ‘boxer’ or fighting fist with the intention of being more protected in any difficult circumstance.

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    Source: La Opinion

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