EntertainmentAlex Speitzer is the target of criticism for darkening his skin for...

    Alex Speitzer is the target of criticism for darkening his skin for a character

    the mexican actor Alexander Speitzer He became a trend in social networks after his foray into a period series and history about the enigmatic Mexican character, Joaquin Murrieta.

    But this time he was struck down after, in this project, an organization against racism criticized him for coming out with a different skin tone in this Prime Video series. Given this, the actor came out to face the criticism and clarified the reasons why his skin darkened.

    Criticism against Alex Speitzer was unleashed after the premiere of the trailer for “La Cabeza de Joaquin Murrieta”, the new Amazon Prime series who stars and in the images the actor could be seen with a darker skin tone than hisso the images caused outrage and hundreds of users launched against the actor of “Dark Desire”.

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    This controversy of Alex Speitzer became capital when the movement called “Prieto Power” came on the scene. because in their social networks they exhibited the variations in the actor’s skin tone and issued a strong comment full of irony in which they launched themselves against the actions of Amazon Prime.

    “It’s great that Prime Video has already joined the anti-racist fight: “Do we want morenos? Well, we paint them!” Thank you for your commitment to put an end to the lack of representation” was the text written by the Twitter profile of the “Poder Prieto” movement. which, made the criticism against Alex Speitzer intensify.

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    During the premiere of “La Cabeza de Joaquin Murrieta”, Alex Speitzer was questioned by the press about criticism of the “Poder Prieto” movement and about the reasons why his role was not played by a dark-skinned actor.

    However, The actor was carefree and to put an end to the speculation, he revealed that it is not a racial issue but a simple characterization issue to give his character realism.

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    Source: La Opinion

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