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    Alex Fernandez defends “El Potrillo” from the criticism he received for his look: “He is always in fashion”

    After Alejandro Fernandez caused a furor on social networks thanks to the look he showed off during his recent vacation in Italy, his son Alex Fernandez did not hesitate to come out in defense of the singer, assuring that they prefer to ignore criticism, because the only important thing is that their dad feels good about what he wears.

    It was on August 18 when “El Potrillo” shared through his Instagram account a series of photographs in which he appears wearing a sophisticated look while strolling aboard a yacht and shortly after, he gave something to talk about by appearing on the same social network with a Dolce & Gabbana shirt, for which he received a barrage of criticism not only for the style of the garment, but also for its high cost.

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    Given this, the interpreter of songs like “I dedicated myself to losing you” and “Today I want you” sent a forceful response to his detractors with the phrase: “Don’t worry about what I have or stop doing… Worry about what you lack or cannot do!“.

    But not only he has defended himself from the attacks he received, because now it was his son, Alex Fernandez, who referred to this controversial issue.

    The important thing is that you are always happy with yourself, that you enjoy what you do, and what other people think, above all haters (doesn’t matter),” he said.

    During the interview on the “Ventaneando” program, Vicente Fernandez’s grandson reiterated that he likes Alejandro Fernandez’s style, for which he was even one of the first to praise how good he looks.

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    “I liked the look it brings. In fact, I put him there as a joke comment: ‘Zeus’but he made me a father the look suits him, he is already a mature man, then it makes me a father to leave gray hair, with long hair, but not rebellious, “he said.

    And he stressed that his father has always stood out for imposing fashion, in addition to taking risks using haircuts and clothing with the latest trends.

    “He is very into changing his look and very into wearing all kinds of cuts, it is always generating trends and is always in fashion“.

    Likewise, at a press conference during the presentation of his new musical production “Looking for Olvido”, the 28-year-old interpreter reiterated that the only important thing is that his father feels good with the way he dresses, since the constant criticism he receives their family is something they have learned to live with and they are aware that there will always be detractors, because “the more successful you are, the more haters you’re going to have“.

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    Source: La Opinion

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