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    Aleska Genesis revealed that she suffers from alopecia because of her ex Miguel Mawad

    After weeks of silence, The scandal arose again between the exes of Gaby Espino and Nicky Jam. Through their social networks, Aleska Genesis revealed that she suffers from alopecia and assures that it is because of her ex Miguel Mawadwhom he accuses again that for 3 months, when he broke up with him, he has not left her alone.

    In a post on his Instagram account, Aleska uploaded a series of photos and documents where she shows part of her scalpthe treatment that would be being done, and some documents where she explains that she placed a restraining order on Mawad and that, after two extension requests, they would only appear before the judge in February.

    I have tried to show you my best pose and the best face that I can but I cannot deny that I have been very emotionally affected… I have been going through this whole process in SILENCE, suffering in silence… This is me currently. My hair has fallen out, my health has been affected and what I have on my head has ruined my self-esteem (I am suffering from alopecia). I have not been able to sleep, I have had insomnia, pain, emotional stress, I have received anxiety therapy and this started three months ago since I decided to completely cut off the relationship and communication with a person who hurt me, mistreated me and violated me for 5 years and today he continues to do so and has not had any compassion with me…

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    For three months the abuse, harassment and violence have been increasing, the psychological abuse has worsened and today I fear for my life and my safety, I am AFRAID that something happens to me because of the obsession that this person has with me. That’s why I had to ask for a restriction law, I have taken LEGAL ACTIONS. This person was already served by a restraining order in my favor and even so his attacks have not stopped and he has VIOLATED the law. He tried to request a protection order against me based on pathological LIES and for this reason it was DENIED, because all his arguments were FALSE

    I have been struggling a lot with my fear of being able to open up vulnerable to what I have been suffering, and show this part of me that hurts so much and has affected my life, my self-esteem and my health. It has been one of the greatest acts of bravery I have ever had on my social networks. I do it because I want to raise awareness of this so that we keep in mind how much evil can affectcruelty, and the bad intention of someone to another human being…”, says part of his message that no longer appears in his account.

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    Let’s remember that later After having a relationship of almost 5 years, Aleska and Miguel Mawad, unknown until then, separated. She began a courtship with Nicky Jam, and he with Gaby Espino. When the singer finished with the model, she went back to look for the Venezuelan businessman, who had ended her relationship with the actress.

    That return was as stormy as the whole scandal which arose later when Mawad assured that Aleska, his ex and Nicky Jam’s ex, was prepaid, a prostitute. In an interview with who writes He also accused her of violence. Later The model defended herself by assuring that the businessman harassed her, that he was violent and that it does not exceed that I have left it.

    This did not stop, videos appeared on where Aleska is consulting with a witch and making jobs for Nicky Jam to get him to come back to her, and for Miguel to make everything go wrong for him. If this was not enough, it was added a video where these exes are seen fighting, Mawad pushing the model and kicking her while she is on the floor.

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    More videos of the witch followed, where Aleska assures that she would return to Mawad with compensationhe took out a perfume called ‘Mala’, and yesterday shared an alleged contract where he required her to close her accounts, not model, leave everything in relationship post.

    Then Gaby Espino accused Aleska and her sisters of wanting to hack her Instagram account, and the model defended herself, and silence came, until this Wednesday.

    In addition to alopecia, through her Instastory, Aleska recognized her videos called with the witchassured that she was deceived, but that she did it consciously although she said that she is sorry and, whatthat he continues his friendship with Nicky Jam despite that.


    -Aleska denies Miguel Mawad: “I am not a prostitute, I am not a drug addict, or anything he is saying”

    -Gaby Espino denounces Aleska Genesis for hiring a hacker to close their networks

    -Aleska Genesis denies Gaby Espino’s accusation of wanting to hack her networks

    Source: La Opinion

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