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    Aleska Genesis poses dressed as ‘Barbie’ next to the pink Lamborghini that her ex, Nicky Jam, gave her

    The Venezuelan model aleska genesis castilian, who last year was involved in a controversy for allegedly doing witchcraft to Nicky Jam when they were a couplenow joined the ‘Barbiecore’ trend and took a photo session next to the pink car that the renowned singer gave her for Christmas 2021.

    Aleska she wore a little pink dress with white closed heelsa half-sided bag, her loose blonde hair and a trendy make-up of the legendary doll for, among other things, get on the front of his Lamborguini and pose there.

    Through her Instagram account, the model posted the photos on a carousel in which some are also seen with her small dog that appears with a temporary pink tint to her fur.

    To accompany her images in her own “Barbie” universe, the Venezuelan launched a message that many have considered hints for one of her ex-partners.

    “I only know that Barbie never liked Ken 😌💕”, wrote the model who was involved in the witchcraft controversy against Nicky Jam when some videos came to light in November 2022.

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    On the camera’s social network, Aleska already has more than 175,000 “likes” on her post and more than a thousand comments from users of that network.

    “You don’t talk ugly about an ex who did nothing wrong to you”; “So was she a lesbian?”; “Nicky, if he is a gentleman, even though he left you, I don’t take anything away from you very well. More men like that”; “What a beauty. That Nicky Jam is a real man, not like Anuel who takes away the cars”; “She always knew it was Max Steel”; “But he entertained her”; “She liked Max Steel, but she ended up staying with Action Man, who was the one who fought for her from the heart”; “The real Barbie nothing to do”; “I hope you don’t date more girls disguised as men” and “I thought that was committed”were some of the messages they left him in reference to the photos, his message and the car, which after finishing with Nicky, he joked that it was “for sale”.

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    Aleska Genesis for a few weeks has raised suspicions in the media of being in an alleged affair with Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez, with whom she has been seen on several occasions, even posing for photos and being very affectionate.

    Although neither of them has confirmed or denied that they are together as a couple, the Venezuelan recently said that her heart is very happy and full of love, but she did not reveal whether the one who has her in love is James.

    Castellanos was at the athlete’s birthday, he attended a modeling event where she was and it is said that they even traveled to Colombia together.

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    A few days ago a photograph in which she appears hugging him went viral, but it is unknown if it is a very recent image and where it was taken, but the truth is that both seem to be very happy.

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