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    Alejandro Sanz and his fight against an emotional crisis: “Noise does not let you suffer in peace”

    Alejandro Sanz is back in the news just a month after he published an alarming message in which he confessed that he was going through a depression that affected his mental health.

    I’m not well. I don’t know if this is any use, but I want to say it. I am sad and tired. I’m working to make it go away… I’ll get to the stage and something inside will tell me what to do. But sometimes I don’t even want to be. Literally”, the Spanish singer-songwriter was part of the message at that time.

    Now, Alejandro Sanz published a new message on his Twitter account about this process he is going through.

    Hello, here I am still in my process, with my ups and downs, but improving little by little. It’s difficult because the noise doesn’t let you suffer in peace. But I will tell you something so that you understand me. Do you remember the song ‘For sale’? Well, I’m not selling. See you on stage with a charged soul. You are my ammunition (sic)”, she detailed.

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    The song that Sanz refers to premiered in 2012 and part of its lyrics are: “A new, unused soul is sold. I surrender my armies of lead; I burn my ships in your womb, I give you my rudder; I surrender my conquests and my strengths or the doubts go to the bucket of the green ones”.

    Spanish singer-songwriter, Alejandro Sanz Now it did worry us as few times after he posted an alarming message on social networks, indicating that he was feeling quite unwell.

    But apparently there would be an explanation for all this, because according to the Informalia site and the Heraldo de Mexico, it was announced that the bad moment that the Iberian is experiencing is due to the economic problems that.

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    Said media pointed out that the interpreter of “Amiga Mia” would have a debt of 15 million euros, a figure that he has not been able to cover.

    Well, I would have been a victim of fraud just 5 years ago, but the most painful thing for the interpreter of “Torture” was that said criminal act would have been committed by one of his close friends.

    Since he committed irregularities in his bank accounts and involved him. Given this, the tax authorities asked him for a part of those 15 million euros. But said outlet pointed out that so far it has not been able to pay it off, despite the fact that it sold two of her properties, one in Miami, Florida, and another in Madrid, Spain.

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    Alejandro Sanz has had difficult moments in recent days, and on social networks he revealed that he is not living his best moment.

    The singer of “Corazon Partio” set off the alarm a couple of days ago because he shared a sincere message on his Twitter account in which he announced that he felt sad and tired.

    The 54-year-old Spanish interpreter wrote, which caused hundreds of reactions from his fans and friends. Although he indicated that things are still not entirely good, he has hope in recovering.

    On the other hand, the interpreter and his relatives have not wanted to talk about the mental health issues that afflict him today, however, it was his ex-wife Raquel Perera who broke the silence and spoke about the issue that worries his millions of fans.

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