EntertainmentAlejandro Fernandez sends an emotional message to his son Emiliano for his...

    Alejandro Fernandez sends an emotional message to his son Emiliano for his birthday

    The Fernandez Clan continues to celebrate life, in previous days it was the birthday of Cayetana and Mia, daughters of Camila and Alex Fernandez, but now is the time to celebrate the life of Emiliano, one of the children of Alejandro Fernandez and Ximena Diaz, who on March 18 turned 23.

    “El Potrillo” took the opportunity to use his social networks and post an emotional message to his young son.

    On Instagram, Alejandro published several photos and videos of special moments with Emiliano, who also has “an artistic vein” like his father and grandfather, Mr. Vicente Fernandez.

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    “Life has filled me with blessings, but without a doubt you are one of the greatest (…) I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, dwarf,” the singer added to the post.

    More than 50,000 likes and 400 comments have generated the publication, where his fans have taken the opportunity to send their best wishes to Emiliano, but also members of the Fernandez Clan and close friends wanted to leave their message. As Camila Fernandez did, who wrote some heart emojis.

    Meanwhile, America Fernandez published an Instagram story with a message for her birthday brother: “Happy birthday to the person with the most beautiful heart in the world.” In turn, the youngest of the five children of “El Potrillo”, Valentina Fernandez, also used her Instagram stories to congratulate Emiliano.

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    Ximena Diaz, mother of the birthday boy, of course, did not miss the opportunity to make clear all the love she feels for her son and she also did it through her Instagram profile, sharing intimate moments with her son: “How happy I feel to have the blessing of celebrating one more year of your existence, 23 years! And the ones we are missing! What a pleasure to have such a special being in life, like you! I feel very proud of the man you are; your values, timely words, kindness, nobility, loyalty, talent, company and the LOVE that you make us all feel. May you continue to enlighten us with your good heart always, handsome! May all your dreams come true and blessings rain down on you. Happy return to the sun! I love you with my soul, my baby!”

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