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    Alejandro Fernandez reacts to the controversial charro suit of Christian Chavez from RBD. Unacceptable? | VIDEO

    One of the most sacred clothing that Mexican culture has without a doubt is the charro suit, which is why in Mexico there were screams after the Mexican singer and member of RBD, Christian Chavez went on stage with charro clothing, but in pink and with gold details. Given this, Alejandro Fernandez He gave his opinion on it.

    Well, even the Mexican Charreria Federation demanded a sanction for the RBD singer for daring to wear the famous clothing in this way that, by the way, very few artists know how to respect and, above all, carry with great gallantry.

    As is the case of “El Potrillo”, who was intercepted at an event by the Mexican press, where he was questioned precisely about this “daring” of Chavez to wear the charro suit in this way.

    Since we remember that Alejandro comes from a dynasty where both Mexican clothing and music is something sacred. Starting with the tradition from his father, the late and well-known Vicente Fernandez.

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    So if anyone knows what it means to wear this suit, it is the interpreter of “Like Someone Loses a Star.” who, in addition to confessing that he would not wear this type of suit because it is not his style, would opt for another color, because he knows what it means to the charreria community.

    Pointed out Potrillo, who we remember when he released the music video for “Tantita Pena” in 2001, the singer from Guadalajara, Jalisco, He made changes to the charro suit by using it made of leather and fur, despite this he kept the silver buttons, but he was equally criticized for the twist he gave to the typical clothing.

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    Precisely for this reason, Alejandro Fernandez was empathetic with the RBD member, since he recalled that he is not the only one who has made some modifications to the charro suit, as was the case at the time with Juan Gabriel, who also made several adjustments.

    And for this reason he detailed what could have been the trigger that caused Christian Chavez to suffer the attacks, Well, it wouldn’t be so much the color pink or the design, but rather the use of tennis shoes with the suit, something that would be considered by the charreria community as a lack of respect.

    This was announced by the performer of songs like “I dedicated myself to losing you” and “Si he has known love,” before the cameras of various Mexican media.

    As is tradition, the famous man will celebrate the national holidays in Las Vegas with everyone who gathers at the place. The singer has been holding events for years on this special date with which he thrills attendees with the best of his ballads, songs pop, but especially with the ranchera pieces accompanied by his mariachi.

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