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    Alejandro Basteri responds to the romance of Luis Miguel and the wedding of his niece Michelle Salas This he said! | VIDEO

    Alejandro Basteribrother of Luis Miguelagain became news, because in the presentation of a new project, he was questioned about his famous brother and his niece, Michelle Salas.

    It was during the presentation of his mezcal that Luismi’s younger brother He could not avoid questions about the upcoming wedding of his niece, Michelle Salas, the firstborn of the Mexican singer, and his brother’s romance with Paloma Cuevas.

    Given this, Alejandro tried by all means to avoid questions about it, but there was a moment in which he gave in a little and confessed that all his loved ones are really well and happy at this moment.

    Said Basteri, who is expected to be invited to his niece’s wedding, with whom it has been said he has a very good relationship, but always out of the spotlight.

    Even among the questions from the Mexican press, he was questioned if he would take Michelle to the altar, because in the end he is his father’s brother, and many even assured that he has been more present in his life than Luismi himself.

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    Given this, Alex, as they affectionately call him, avoided at all costs speaking out about it and only dedicated himself to smiling at questions of this nature.

    In the same way, they asked him about his brother’s new romance with the Spanish Paloma Cuevas and he did not say a peep about it. Since she assured that that was not the reason why they had met at that event.

    What he did want to share is some comments about his famous brother’s new tour, which is about to start and it is expected to be a resounding success, as it is Luismi’s return to the stage, after several failed attempts and chaotic moments in his personal and professional life.

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    Alex has been characterized as a very successful businessman, and such has been his business vision that on this occasion he decided to launch a mezcal in honor of the figure of the historic Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, who bears the name of “Fridu ”.

    In this event that took place to the west of Mexico City, Basteri commented on why he decided to be inspired by the Mexican painter for this new project. And he was even questioned about the reason why he did not name him after his brother, Luis Miguel.

    These evasions by Alejandro on the subject of Luis Miguel only increase the rumors about a supposed distance between the twowhich has continued for years and apparently has not improved over time, on the contrary.

    However, there are those who assure that everything is fine between the brothers, only that they do not show it publicly, in fact, in this conversation with the media, the businessman limited himself to saying “Don’t listen to everything you read”revealing that he is still close to the singer.

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    Source: La Opinion

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