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    Adamari Lopez jokes on Instagram, but many take it seriously and for Toni Costa

    The ex-conductor of Telemundo, Adamari Lopez, does not stop denoting his skill in his initial career, which is acting. Part of those are the fun reels, which she shares every day on her account. instagram. But now a small debate broke out in the comments section, because The Puerto Rican made a joke that many ended up taking seriously.

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    “People don’t abandon those they love, they abandon those they have been using for a long time.”says Adamari. “That’s life,” says her friend. While he supposedly “comforted her.” Of course it’s all about the TV presenter’s good sense of humour. However, many comments on her Instagram account suggested that some people felt it was a dig again at her ex and father of her daughter, Toni Costa.

    “My God! It’s a simple Reel. It’s for fun. Not everything is directed at Fonsi or Toni. If you don’t like it, then don’t follow it”, “Exactly. He who seeks fire finds a candle. That’s Ada. To the good understander few words, “Exactly. Now the boy who “swallows and chews”, so that he doesn’t have to turn pages of a book that has been closed for years.” These were some of the comments that can be read on the social network.

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    However, some more daring followers have even created groups: “Team Adamari, Team Toni Costa”. “And so my friends, we retire and leave the world burning and start throwing away what croquettes to take away #teamadamarilopez #ylosientoporlascriticonas,” said the excited follower.

    Although we continue to believe that it was part of the good humor of the ex-talent of Today, it seems that the “caption” with which she accompanied the reel made a noise to many: “It seems like a lie, but is it true? This is life! Do you think the same? “I read them.”

    In a hypothetical case, even if you think this, It wouldn’t have to be directly with Toni Costa. We all know that in the entertainment industry, the environment is very competitive, sometimes self-interested and true friendship is rarely seen, this in the words of some star television stars.

    The truth is that, like it or not, this was the reaction, not a little, of some of the almost 9 million followers that Adamari Lopez has. While all this is happening, Toni Costa is on his tours and Zumba master class, also generating content on social networks and in addition, he was recently celebrating his first anniversary with his current partner, Evelyn Beltran.

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    Although the term is the one that is fashionable, this couple is certainly exercising it to the fullest. Adamari and Toni Costa have been seen sharing everything concerning Laya Acosta since the beginning of their separation. After the announcement that they were no longer going to continue living a life together, it is not publicly known that they had any truly relevant disagreement regarding the care of their daughter.

    Quite the contrary, they have shown to have a very good sense of humor from that new side, where they began to experience fatherhood and, through their reels, they have made their followers laugh. One of them was Alaïa’s first day of school, where they accompanied her together and also shared with her fans her experiences from her first days of school, which was very fun for the audience.

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    So everything indicates that, on that side, everything seems to be fine and that as for this “Modern Family” everything will depend on the lens with which you look at it.

    Meanwhile, we continue celebrating each one of their achievements, such as the new business launch of Adamari Lopez. The spoiled Chaparrita of television launched a jewelry brand, whose name is inspired by her and her little girl Alaïa “AxA”, but the pieces are inspired by her family and her nieces: Maria Maria Maria.

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    For now, he has launched three articles and also gave a super discount for the premiere of this venture. Yesterday she made it clear that she was incredible in sales, in a very emotional way through social networks. Congratulations to all!

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