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    Adamari Lopez and La Chiquibaby talk about their love as friends and pose together for People en Espanol

    Despite the fact that television brought them together and they are no longer there, it did not separate them. Former hosts of the show Todaythe Chiqui Baby and Adamari Lopezare not only united by profession and friendship, but also on the new cover of the 50 Most Beautiful of People in Spanish.

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    The Latino magazine held a photo session for all the participants, of course, in this edition, but they decided to make the cover with both the Mexican and the Puerto Rican, who until recently worked together and whom we saw every morning on the the screens of Telemundo. The Chiqui Baby and Adamari Lopez they were in a live in instagram and offered a very entertaining interview to People in spanish.

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    In the conversation they talked about how they have complemented each other. La Chiquibaby, for her part, spoke about her entire career and the experience that having a friend as Adamari Lopez. The Puerto Rican spoke about how the knowledge and professional preparation of her partner has also helped her. Most importantly, both made clear the importance they have had at key moments in their lives.

    As they began the interview about the cover of the 50 Most Beautiful People in Spanish, Adamari and the Chiquibaby They commented on their states of: “Unemployed” and even went overboard ironically and with the humor that characterizes them by the OnlyFans brand.

    Of course, they talked about whether projects were coming, which they did not make very clear, but what can be presumed because the talent that both have and the experience is not little. People also asked if Adamari would or would not return to soap operas and, to the surprise of many,Chiquibaby was asked the same question.

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    Both would be willing, however, today each has its own conditions. “Life has stages. Just like soap operas. I had excellent bosses and appreciation. Today I am enjoying…”, said the also actress of “Amigas y Rivales”.

    “Today I will think about everything a little better before accepting… I want to be in projects that make me grow, that represent a challenge for me…”, said the presenter and journalist.

    In the interview they were also able to prank each other. They talked about how the chiquibaby think you fit a size bigger than Adamari Lopez and how that generates a joke between the two. Besides, Toni Costa’s ex She said some very nice words of love to who is now one of her best friends in Miami.

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    “Love is not only in a relationship, but also in a relationship of friends who respect and admire each other.” There is no doubt that these women are a worthy example of women fighters, working mothers and worthy examples of Latin woman.

    Adamari Lopez with Chiquibaby.
    Adamari Lopez with Chiquibaby. Photo: Mezcalent.

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